Latest tracks + videos



Here’s a couple of short clips from my Tokyo Festival of Modular performance - Teletype and Ansible driven - one taken by forum member @jflee - who I got to meet for the first time :slight_smile:


I uploaded this piece to Bandcamp last week. The day after my partner ended our relationship and moved out, so the title has more weight to it than I intended.


The Grid just arrived together with Ansible, what better moment than to try out the new Polyearthsea!


A proper track using Kria MIDI for Norns

Driving Spitfire Tundra and Diva and accompanied on the Seaboard using the SWAM clarinet


New track :smiley:



A further collection of unprepared studio experiments incorporating gestural expression with electronic systems. Occasionally these are then mapped back onto acoustic sample based instruments, revealing an alternate perspective of the original sound source and playing.


Just seen these - they’re great, thanks for sharing!


Playing around with Mangrove and w/ trying to get some interesting sounds.


OP-1 and Bastl Thyme. Really happy I went with the Thyme instead of a standard delay pedal. It’s so versatile!


very nice - look forward to some more delay studies :grin:


Thanks! I will post the next decay/delay study soon. :blush:


Just a little experiment in minimalism, using only the Ciat-Lonbarde Tetrax and Eventide H9. And this was before the patching began too! Things got a lot more out of control later on :smiley:


Been spending a bunch of time with Rene 2 and Marbles pairing. Tons of great outcomes (especially with the Rene 2 mod for feeding different various rhythmic patterns).

Also figured I’d mention I’ve got a modular synth show in Taipei on Friday night (11/23, 9:30pm at Ivy Palace). Come on out if you’re around :v:t3::metal:t3:


Thank you very much for sharing, really enjoyed the track and will definitely dive deeper into your work!


Thank you for your super kind message! The track is the second single from the second part of our double album.
Part one was released one year ago and part two is coming in January, so if you like the music you have a lot to dive into :smiley:


You’re very welcome!

Going through you work now and I’ve yet to encounter something I did not like, looking forward to the next installment in January, keep up the good work!


MLR has, somewhat to my surprise because sampling hasn’t featured in my music particularly until now, become part of my main creative toolbox


Here’s a new EP. It’s something of a Toaster tradition to release something Thanksgiving week; though there’s no particular theme to them. This one’s my standard blend of abstract beats, ambience, and crackles. Some new techniques have lead to new noises, as well:


great track! is it just mlr? what’s the lead line?


That’s a dubduck (however you spell that) played from Roli Noise on the seaboard