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Norns MLR and piano (plus a ton of room noises) from yesterday.


Trying new things with the guitar, not the most convenient to jump back and forth but adds another layer of possibilities, hope you like it. Using Plaits, Rings, Plonk, Clouds, STO, Ornament and Crime, Voltage Block, Pamela’s New Workout and a Fender Stratocaster with Boss CS-3, DS-1, MVP Volume, Micro Pog, DD-3 then BlueSky.


Some shameless self-promotion -

An ambient/drone release containing pieces I recorded over the Australian Winter/Spring.

[Mostly a lurker but I still feel like a part of this beautiful community. I should really participate more!]

Tell us your soundcloud/bandcamp sites

First off: HELLO.

I’ve been lurking around this great community awhile now. Wanted to post some work as an introduction. It doesn’t include any modular per se (I know I know…for shame) but it’s heavily influenced by some of the great work I hear around here.

Some background: I performed at a small festival called Love Fest. The performance was to use recordings of the festival made by the attendees/participants on their devices to create live soundscapes.

This work is a more deliberate version of that. It was made using the same recordings but created to soundtrack the texts of the book accompanying the festival.

The recordings are processed/sequenced by either iPad apps or Octatrack.

Hope you enjoy and thanks for listening!


rather liking the new waves synth Flow Motion (plus I got it stupid cheap with an extra discount on top of the intro discount - a lot of synth for not much money)


I’ve been learning Max and this is the first result I’m really proud of:


“STYL” - Beethoven vs. Bruce Lee (feat.Nelson Mandela)

97.3 bpm

made as stbb submission this week
elektron digitakt


blop. piano, toy keyboard and my max/msp mlr thing


this sounds great ! lots of character for the simplicity of it. I always try to get so complicated with max ideas but you seem to be managing super well without any of that


totally ! there’s ton to learn here. && the release sounds great so far :slight_smile:


love these thumps. bit of a jon hopkins vibe which is always good w/ me


interested in this part !


quite the vibe, would love to know more about it


Ikebukuro :slight_smile:


New album ‘I Am Error’ released on Spotify and other online music platforms. Enjoy!


Thanks! It began as just something I built for sleeping/meditation/general relaxation time, but ended up liking the result so much that I figured I’d release some excerpts. (Mostly) in Pythagorean tuning with lots of octaves and fifths of tones in the original scale.


Partecipazione is a jam session for piano and mannequins just friends.


gonna drop the audio from the last open space w/ @zanderraymond & @Dan_Derks I just published here bc I think it deserves some love along with both their recent releases.

srsly, these turned out great as audio. zander’s improvisation sounds flawless as a full track and the sound of the room played vv nicely with his synthesis imo. dan surprised us with something of a “live sound + process” during his set, and with a bit of edits the audio makes for somewhat of a combined ep and podcast && it’s a great listen. for those of us who were waiting for a dan derks self-interview I think this might be the closest we’re gonna get (fingers crossed tho :crossed_fingers:). I’ve already published my set in at least five different iterations but hey it’s there too in case you want a refresh.

anyway, just a great listen. If you couldn’t make it to the show I’d rlly recommend checking it out.


The three of them are lovely ~

@Dan_Derks Did you use the same setup as on “Less concepts”? It works great as a sort of extension to the album; both conceptually and aesthetically.

Cheers ~ :herb:


I was wondering the same thing ! I thought it was the same setup, but listening back I’m hearing two voices which I didn’t think was possible with that rig but maybe I’m wrong