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digitakt tune sample
Uakti “amazon River”


Not electronic, but a new track I made last night. Ableton+Mpc 3000.


Big step for me with the opz and unity


This is an awesome set, you would have had me dancing for sure.


First serious ER-301 session today, which lead to something I think turned out ok! Just two layered single-take recordings.


more or less – skipped out on MN Function, Cold Mac + w/ for the live set, replaced by Just Friends and norns running cranes

voice 3Sis is tuned for octave span between two of its outputs, which are each gated by a low pass gate. one of them FM’s the filtering 3Sis the other is run into.

@andrew: thank you for organizing the show, capturing audio, and editing it all into a wonderful release <3

@nonwaved, thank you for the kind words! glad it resonated :slight_smile:


woah, that’s FM and not a Mangrove?? that’s wild


Fhere’s my liveset from the Tokyo Festival of Modular 2018 at Studio Contact. This is recorded straight from the desk, no edits or post production. For monome/whimsical people, i’m using Ansible Kria, Just Friends (as oscillator and envelopes), Mangrove, Earthsea, Teletype and W/ and some er301 all played with Arc and Grid.


I use Ciat Lonbarde instruments so touch and gesture are integral to playing them. I’m basically exploring the unusual tunings and harmony using M4l Ircamax to hear the CL instruments through a more traditional lens. I’m using the plug ins as it means I can play, hear and adjust in real-time rather than the audio to midi route. I can still maintain a one take, hit record and done. Also if I ever performed this kind of thing live. It’s a work in progress


Took my modular synth on BBC Introducing for a live performance last week, quite pleased with how it turned out… There should be a video coming soon too :slight_smile:


I’ve been working on ideas for the long form ambient compilation. I used a sequential circuits six-trak and a moog mother-32.


A rhythmic sketch experimenting on the Serge. By no means a finished piece. Warning for high pitches.


Made this today :slight_smile:


The final part of my Beyond Torneo trilogy is released


first modular adventure with a tiny system. eurorack is completely new to me but I’m enjoying it :slight_smile:


This year’s offering


A piano + ciat-lonbarde noodle. Captured, and reverbed by Norns.


Man. Are you playing with probabilities that open gates up sometimes or something? The intermittent disturbances to the rock solid ostinato are engrossing and musical.


Fantastic the way this just blooms from the room tone.


Thanks - glad you enjoyed it! I’m just now getting into triggering voices/patterns from field recordings through envelope following, which the ER-301 excels at so far.