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Something I’ve started while working these slow 4pm-midnight shifts in the office for the month. Rough mix just to listen to it outside of the DAW and take notes on things to fix.

[edit: apologies in advance for some audio bursts between the 8:00 and 8:30 marks, will be repaired in future edits/mixes]


Two new Cementimental albums out today!

A Thing Appearing in the Image Becomes All is recent longform wall-ish surrealist harsh noise recorded using tape 4track and minimal setups of diy electronics

Humalien is the other is long lost collective space noise recorded in Newport 2010, recently rediscovered and mastered.


don’t totally remember this one, but I think the mn wogglebug stepped random output is running through the cold mac, and some iteration of that signal is being used to adjust the wet/dry on the clouds, which is set slightly quieter than the dry patch


first track with the modular. gonna try to do one a week and put em out.


more video fun! this entry (the 6th in this series that’ll last til god knows when) features a lot of lense manipulation + an arduino uno running glitchy video generation programs via the TVout library


er-301, norns, samples of myself playing, samples of some other things.


I made this track for the new ambient compilation ‘Friends’. Most sounds are coming from the eurorack system. Sequenced and accompanied by Digitakt & Digitone. Routed through various pedals, multitracked to Ableton and mixed down to 1/4" tape.


a track using my Norns Islands script - which I really need to get finished!


@simondemeule this is really cool. Some great evolving complex sounds here. I will be sharing it in my weekly music/sound newsletter next week, with your permission!


Thank you! I’m glad you like it, feel free to share it around!

I’ve added a browser support message (chrome only) and I’ve moved it to a more permanent place. You can now use to reach it. You can also find some other projects and my portfolio on that domain.


Great as always… How is the ipad triggering and syncing norns


Thank you.

iPad sync’d with Ableton via link. Norns not sync’d at all. Digit air sync’d via midi from ableton. The iPad is only driving the eurorack


thx, is that an Es-3 you use for driving the eurorack?


Fh-1 - just midi for now


12u euro rig (vcos are mangrove, dpo and donut2,sequencers are kria for drums [er-301] and rené + analog shift register for melodies). effects are magneto and big sky,


edit: it feels like a sort of unconscious call back to this:

part of a long distance collaboration that took place around 2014-15


1 hour long ambient track with footage from the 20th century


Been a long while since I have released any new music, and not just uploaded sketches and junto’s, but the day is finally here :slight_smile:


ventured out into the redwoods this weekend with my modular and portable power setup


The melodies at the end stopped me in my tracks!