Latest tracks + videos



I’m experimenting with my ambient music on my AE Modular setup recently and released those two tracks on YouTube:

If you watch them in the official YouTube App on an HDR capable device iPhone X, iPad Pro 2017+, HDR TV, etc.) you might get even brighter and more colorful video :sunglasses:


excited to check this out, ended up ordering an AE system for my nephew to teach him synthesis and anxious to hear more examples of what people are doing with them!


recorded during my stay in Ithaca, mostly W/ based


Awesome! Check out the AE Modular forum. People sometimes post their jam sessions there and it’s a small and nice community in general, with Robert from tangible waves being active too.


A little techno jam.


Last one from me this year:


some sounds to be reorganized around vocals at a later date. weekly accountability practice in full swing.

next week i’m gonna cover a mountain goats song! so excited!


Organelle Arp-III through delay->reverb->tascam and recorder on tape. Would be longer but suddenly cassette tape ended so I needed to artificially create a fade out at the end :D. Organelle was on this things that on paper looked kind of meh but when I laid my hands on it I couldn’t stop playing (I previously had similar situation with Mother-32).


musique concrète and aalto jam


The rest of the sketches from last year. Collected and Mastered. Mostly Modular + Machinedrum, a bit of Kria.


Some gurgling synths and the San Francisco Bay.



Wow! Love this :slight_smile:


Released some more doom/drone electronics, bit noisier than usual. :sunglasses:
Not the typical mellow sounds but hoping it’s fine to share this as well.
Centered around eurorack, pedals and sampled guitars.


Sounds very nice! Love the warbles around 2:50


Thank you! 2020202020


Just a quick hip-hop inspired phone recording figuring out the workflow with the E2, Gaia, and Digitone, which will likely be my live setup for a while. This is using E2 as the master sequencer while I learn my way around then Digitone a little better. Drums a pretty lazy, but I will always love that particular pattern.


Heres some Norns Loom

And some MLR

I’ve been working with a modded Vectrex and making shapes with the modular - very fun and highly recommended.


Elektron Digitakt minimal jam


xtra special release this week - myself, @zanderraymond & our friend gianni processing glockenspiel tones in series.

glock > max patch > modular synth > tape loops > reverb > cut/re-looped in ableton