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short new piece utilizing the teletype’s chaos generator as a melodic sequencer + lots of delay


Getting some good sounds out of the Digitone, or rather making good use of some stock tones :sweat_smile:


Absorbed… what is this? Some sort of reverb-delay-feedback-loop?


Latest Elephant Kid Music Video. Enjoy!


weekly accountability practice.


my latest track is called sagitta, it is for an album of 2018 women’s electronica that I’m really thrilled to be a part of. the album is Voices from Eris, and it’s really really good!

we are doing a crowdfunding thing, here are the links. some additional tracks online for a sampling:

Crowdfunding :
Soundcloud :
Bandcamp :


Performed for the second time tonight, again at a local community cafe. I thought the open mic was on but when we turned up it was cancelled this week. They said, whatever, and were just psyched for me to play anyway. Played for around 30 mins, which is the longest I’ve played out yet. Got a great response from people there, and got a gig playing there on NYE :smiley:

This is the first 2 tracks, before the recorders batteries died… Still buzzing!!!


tried my hand at remixing 30 seconds to mars, an old teenage years favourite of mine…


Here’s another one of my silly chipwave jams



2 x Loom!


very cool! How have you got them synced?


just the same bpm for the moment. since i’m using loom its random triggers anyway…


haha i just woke up after falling asleep while watching your video…
napped the whole night
felt really good
thank you


Since it’s almost christmas… here’s a little carol for you!
Merry christmas everybody! Hope you have a wonderful time all of you!


Pretty much. I wanted to revisit my first recording project and try something new with it. However, I found myself uninspired and bored with working entirely in DAW and abandoned after a day or two of unsatisfactory results.


Visual for my upcoming release Smelt / Smolt. The two tracks will be released next week. The first track ‘smelt’ is a focussed techno track. The second track ‘Smolt’ is a short piano piece that will get it’s own visual in the coming weeks.


wow thanks! a close friend of mine commented on the video saying basically the same thing.

for some reason it’s almost more impactful for me as an artist/creator when people are able to sleep to my work. perhaps this is a dynamic i should explore a bit further…


:christmas_tree: happy holidays :christmas_tree:


Here’s a (inadvertent) solstice piece I put together for an episode of @jks p a t z r r a d i o podcast, it involves a menhir circle, and a game… 100 seconds:

/ 12 menhirs / and a scroll / apostles but no doubt apocryphal / it was decided to clear the field / and they moved one / oh to hell with that it was too much hard work / and they never moved any more / aye aye /