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Happy holidays everyone!

Here are two brand new tracks I made to end what has been a fantastic year for me. Feedback is welcome and I hope you enjoy both tracks. For those not into techno: give the second track a listen!

The tracks are also available on all other streaming platforms:

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Kires - Lagrange
VA - Christmas at Welter 02 EP


Islands - still in progress but enough of it there for me to make proper music!

My first 100% Norns track I think - taken straight off the internal ‘tape’


Little Insta post after spending a good part of the day playing with the Quantum Rainbow and DLD that just came in the mail. Such a beautiful pair, add depth to a patch.


I don’t see it on Apple Music… is it there as well?


20 chars of wonderful!



latest album is also up on Apple Music:


Thanks! Looking forward to hearing these :+1:


thank you @eblomquist :slight_smile:


The AE Modular system just got a new state variable filter and a proper vactrol lowpass gate module, so here’s a jam with those, plus iFretless Bass and VOLT synth playing top on the iPad.




I got myself a Keyed Mosstone (by Lorre Mill) to pair with my Double Knot for Christmas. I am loving the tones this thing is capable of producing. Here are a few recordings (reverb via an Octatrack used here as a mixer only):


Self-oscillating Erbe-Verb studies, with Erbe-Verb’s CV Out going into the Decay CV input. Two LFOs from MATHS and a Sine from DPO VCO A in LFO mode are fed to Vector Space’s i, j, and k CV inputs and a few Vector Space CV outputs modulating the various parameters of the Erbe-Verb. These are “dry” takes, without the added reverb from OTO Machines’ BAM, which was recorded to separate channels of a Zoom H6 from a Keith McMillan K-Mix. Thanks to @Dan_Derks for facilitating these recordings. (and more still to be bounced and posted!)


Also, this 46-minute doozy:

Patch torn apart immediately after ending the recording. Some occasional knob-twiddling, button-tapping, switch-flipping, and octave-switching, this patch was mostly left to do what it wanted while I left the room.

Modules used include: Tempi, Wogglebug, René 2, Vector Space, DPO, STO, Maths, modDemix, RxMx, Echophon, Erbe-Verb.


I posted this in the approaching Norns thread - I think here is the better place.

I’m using Norns Loom app midi out to control the modular via Ansible as the CV/Gate converter.

The post below I’m using Zellen app


.with love from the southeast of nowhere.
.from Hanoi this time.

Happy New Year!


made with digitakt
vox overlay in daw


it’s 5 am.



Finally got to installing polyES on my original Earthsea. So much fun, love it! Here I’m controlling Morphagene’s Slide, Gene Size, and Morph and Just Friends v/8 with the four CV outs.


Just finished building g the SY-1, enjoying some exploration.