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#3210 Time to install PES.


First time posting a track on Lines…


Here is an end years improvisation with flute and some birds :slight_smile:


Released an ambient album in November called Ghost Piano, Part 1. Five songs of piano, modular and OP-1 by yours truly. Five remixes by Satoi, Karkaa, @n-So, @rbeny and Elin Piel.

Digital and cassette on Bandcamp at

Stream and download on most digital platforms.


New sketch with a single source- Bugbrand DRM2. Effects from Bim, Bam, and PCM81.


Just released two new tracks for free streaming/download on bandcamp. Instrumental synth/shoegaze. Much more to come in 2019 as well, hope you guys dig it! :slightly_smiling_face:


did this tonight thanks to w/ inspiration. started recording a simple arp using norns/passersby only to discover (rather painfully) that a firmware update was previously recorded onto the tape. had fun w/ it (+ morphagene).




Spent the last few weeks putting the finishing touches to this mammoth (for me) house project. 10 tracks of deep 120bpm, 4 to the floor.

And now, as a New Year’s present, it’s yours. I hope you enjoy it on your New-Years-Resolution runs, at your New-Years-Resolution gym sessions, and while scoffing 20 toblerones in your car sat on the driveway as you fail your New-Years-Resolution diet.


(btw, special thanks to @steveoath for the borrowed band name and BBC Introducing for the support they’ve given this project)

(EDIT - forgot the link!!)



I know I’m still not very good, but I’m learning :wink:


Been taking some time off both with internet forum and video stuff… but managed to get down some chops with the Moog Grandmother this morning.

I have tons to check out in this thread now.

Happy new years!


fantastic performance and super cool collage of gear! You are playing the synth like an experienced guitar looper :slight_smile:

I’m also really excited for MLR panning. More demensions to explore.


2018/19 out with the old in with the new.


Just spaced out to ‘Learning to Forget’ while at work, which was nice. Very calming and pleasant to listen to. :thumbsup:


Hey everyone! Just now diving into the monome world. Awesome to see a bunch of people I interact with in other spaces. Looking forward to learning from you gracious folks in 2019. Here’s a little something I put together with Norns, a Kalimba, and a Casio keyboard I found at my in-laws on Xmas.


I had an operation this morning & wanted to capture the sense of distant fragile calm I’m feeling after the general anaesthetic right now…


Wishing you a speedy recovery!


thanks peanut and thanks for listening!