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Spectacular! Would you mind sharing some words about the process / techniques involved?


Thanks! There’s a few things going on there, but the process was split in 2 parts: sound generation (in max) and processing (Ableton).

The Max patch is a simple 2 operator FM, but with a lot of fast sequenced modulation.

The recorded audio is then put in Ableton, stretched in texture mode and played at normal speed at the same time. Then a few effect with modulation on the timeline.


I record assorted strange patches made with this modular

on tape. Mix with field recordings and get this…

Sorry for long post :grimacing: When I listen to a track made with a modular I wonder how the synth looks and vise versa…


I’m digging this whole vibe, nice work


more fun with overdub in mlr. live sapling glockenspiel and synths out of audulus.


playing with (sadly virtual) arp 2600 (for obvious reasons)

an ocean of sound

#3257 Live recording from last night.


it sounds fresh as well! :smile:


Thanks. I know the “tape” is too long and probably too strange… But why use a modular if you don’t want to do a little strange music? :thinking:


(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Thank you mate


Friday and yet another track release :slight_smile:


Sold off most of my modular to inspire myself to learn this thing a little better.

I’ll be back though


New Music

Still rooms, remembering those lost

(title adapted from a CL Nolan quote via @HooklandGuide )


huge fan of the slowly morphing egg


more serge


:slight_smile: I had been wondering whether anyone had noticed the subtle animation on my soundcloud track covers. Haha. Thanks


tuning forks / ebow / contact mic / linear guideway


First time posting here after a long time lurking. And first thing recorded since acquiring a grid + ansible! Having lots of fun with it - this is kria sequencing 3 vcos mixed in with some OP-1 chords (playing a sample of me whistling) and bells fragmented with morphagene.


not new but latest (feb. 2018) release:::