Latest tracks + videos



In this recording I’m playing rings and mangrove from earthsea - and then I overdubbed acoustic guitar (very quietly)


That was absolutely gorgeous, thank you so much for sharing! The interplay between the two instruments sound so incredibly natural given their diametrically opposite nature.



Wow, that’s beautiful!!!


thank you very much :slight_smile:


Collaborated again with @maxijazz to create some kind of electronic / ambient track. Really pleased with how this turned out. Instrumentation is cello + piano + kalimba + OP1 + modular.


A couple of MLR experiments when getting acquainted with Norns + Grid. Sound source was an OP-1 with a mix of samples and synth engines.


i did it again……

check it out if you have a little time.


made some stuff. went ok. friend Max Bowen of Akrasis gave me some guitar samples to chop up. nother sketch this Thursday, back to regular schedule.


Cross-posting from the thread I started for this new recording and other related works to be released this year:


Here’s an improv I did at the weekend


metallophone is the only sound generator. mlr and coco both do loops, in their own ways. oto bam adds space.


drone thing dragged from a tiny recording; made in the middle of the night when i couldn’t sleep


yooo @markeats and @instantjuggler thank you so much for loom. one of the coolest sequencers i’ve ever used.



I don’t think ive heard anyone do what you do with atonality and vocals. I really like it.


You all got me in the mood to make music.

A friend of mine made an album and had people do remixes, and I used touchosc for the first time.


Thanks! More stuff soon and hopefully a record or two this year. Been rapping a long long time but new to synthesozears.


Recording from my liveset of tonight


Back in action after a short hiatus. First vid featuring the TT!


A little something I stumbled into a few days ago. You might recognise it.