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Something totally acoustic but anyways :slight_smile:


#jamuary2019 lofi beat mixtape on OP1


Awesome! Did you train in duduk specifically? I’ve always wanted one of those and/or a ney from Iran, I just won’t have time enough to study formally. Hopefully I can pick them up enough to please myself and compose some simple pieces.


Hello Pleurodesis , I trained the turkish style of the Nay in advance but am also good in duduk and kaval. It’s is intens training :slight_smile:


new video uploaded today! playing Juno 60 into a eurorack delay patch ft. clouds and 2 W/


norns mlr live sampling a generative music app by brian eno. little shout out to lines at the 38 sec mark :facepunch:t4:


a really short track I made with a PO tonic whilst getting ready 4 bed. I’m quite pleased with how it came out. Big beats come in small packages.


We all love / hate a dawless jam, right?!


This is the first single that’ve released under the Taro alias. I’m super excited to share my brooding photo-techno. Take a listen on Spotify!

So glad lines exists because there are so many wonderful creators sharing their content on here. Keep up the amazing work.


PO-33 Rasomon

Beats made on Teenage Engineering PO-33 featuring CR-78, Metasonix D1000 and Arturia Buchla samples. Rashomon (one of my favorite Kurosawa films) samples added and mixed in Ableton. Mastered in Ozone.


A friend of mine featured an (oldish) song of my band’s on a compilation!


(ii) @ St Thomas’ hospital


4 Organelle patches, mixed in Ableton, mastered in Ozone. Bird samples by Valotikhuu ( Organelle patches by shreeswifty (


Orca Livecoding + SuperCollider rehearsal.


This was made of 5 “snapshots” of a patch run through Morphagene in TLA (and, in the case of #5, W/ as well). Whatever remained in the Morphagene’s reel on system boot was manipulated with Batumi (primarily, though not exclusively).

The source patch is not included in this recording. It is far less “dark” than what is featured here.


Very cool! Really like the sound of the TR-09.


Played a short live set in Paradiso, Amsterdam last weekend.

Soundcloud audio:


tr-09 w/trigger out to 0-coast (no quantisation)

edit: not brand new


Kudos. Very nicely done. What was the expression controller on the left side of your rig?


Thank you. Actually it’s just a Volca FM. I get nervous playing live and moving my finger helps me get into the music. Also helps keeps my finger in place with such a tiny keys.