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Yeah, nice, gradual progression to that set, re: Oneven’s recording. It’s a pleasant zone. I imagine you could pick up gigs fairly easily w/this level of engaging modular performance. Do you play out often?


Thanks. Nervous you might be but it doesn’t come across in the performance. As @misc_frank says, loved the progression and build through the set.


Thanks guys! Really appreciate it. I prepared the sequences a day before to keep it fresh for myself. After that I just did some levelling on my mixer to get the sounds to fit nice. It helped that all audio was going through a nice digital SSL console running native plugins. I had the sound guy put the SSL G master compressor on it all to level out peaks.

@misc_frank I try too, but it’s all depending on the bookings. This video will hopefully help get me more.



thanks for dropping in @neauoire, I think you’d like it around here


Thanks @andrew!
This place is great :slight_smile:


Posted a picture of this patch a week ago, needed to take it apart to shuffle studios, so I made a quick recording. 4 voice modular, controlled by a machinedrum, routed through an octatrack.



hi kittens. did a cover of that sad ass lana del rey song I mentioned at the sound + process discussion. It’s a voice memo with valhalla vintage verb on it. So not a lot of electronic elements. And my dad on the trombone.


Experimenting with a kind of audio x visual rig.



One part of the DERIVE Soundscapes series, a collection of tracks that muses on the sounds of the city and what it means for a city to have a sound. Inspired by the photography of New Zealand photographer Cody Ellingham.


this is some next level beautiful sound here. Teetering on the edge of chaos and noise. Well done!


Thank you for the great comments! That’s quite an encouragement.

For anyone who want’s to explore 208 preset card soldering for self-generative timbers, I highly recommend Todd Barton’s tutorial on cross soldering between slider and switch sections :


Short clip from a performance I did last week. Played for an hour on a 12u system with tape loops helping fill some gaps in between sequences, and projections from what I shot at sea in Antarctica on loop through the night.

Voices are 2 × Mangrove, Akemie’s Castle and STO, percussion from Akemie’s Taiko, Elements and Quantum Rainbow. 4ms DLD was the winning module for me, it’s so good for performance!!


I’ve been experimenting this week with the deconstruction of dance patterns. In this longish piece, I’ve captured sounds from a fairly standard techno pattern from the Machinedrum onto the Cocoquantus where they are looped and manipulated in unexpected ways. The output goes into a kaoss pad mini for FX.


My first eurorack recording using my 104hp Morphagene based setup with guitar and some pedals…


I’m in hospital post cardiac arrest waiting for a bypass with just an iPad. While I’m still ‘functional’ pre operation (I’m assuming i’ll be a lot more “out of it” post op) been making music to amuse myself

Lots of influence from the sounds around me. A synthetic recreation of the sound of my heart on the ultrasound, the endless binging of monitors & alarms, machines


@junklight take care and get well soon.


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nice. any bandcamp releases ?