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Thank you! My debut EP Anthem is up on bandcamp at the moment and I have plans to upload a DERIVE Soundscapes series very soon. Anthem is from quite a few years back though :wink:

Most of my recent stuff is up on if you’re interested :slight_smile:

edit: oops, would help if I included the Bandcamp link:


I’m really excited to be performing at Rainbow Serpent festival this weekend down here in Australia. I’m performing a minimalist set centered around ambient drone elements with pulses and polymeter repetition, using modular and cassette tape loops. I will be sharing a really special, intimate performance space called the Liminal Caravan with some amazing transcendental artists. So humbled!

This is a very short lofi clip from my hour long set, just shot on my outdated clunky old phone:

I will try to record the audio and can share it along with some images on the other side, if anyone wants to listen :slight_smile: :heart:

//// pictures ////

I took Norns out on a little hike to South Cumberland State Park. Running the @markeats Loom script. Prepare yourself for the 90s-David-Lynch-Twin-Peaks Vibes . . .


Another improvisation. Pretty happy with first half.


awesome waterfall crossfade! love seeing loom being used for something unexpected like this :smiley:


wishing you well (and great sounds)


My first post on this forum, nervous and excited! Thank’s to all of you people who are sharing your work - it’s very very inspiring to me and enriches my life.

This is a recording I made a cold day in Dalarna, Sweden.
Instruments: Analog four,Octatrack,Clouds,Rings,PNW
and some field recordings.


Kires - Lago (Axaminer VA#5)


Just what I needed right now - very, very nice @tobiaskarlehag. Welcome!


Finally starting a new musical project! Here’s an intricate track that features Kaivo, birdsong, Analog Heat Mk2 (which is wonderful), and granulated / resampled bits of an earlier song.


Heres a Serge improv I did yesterday


that is fucking mindblowing. you are amazing. can we put that in the party van?


Hey dude :slight_smile: Thanks alot, yes of course you can!
I am planning to make more recordings soon.
Have a nice day!


Great tracks! Smooth sounds! Is it a modular composition?


Sampling and aalto jam


live patched improvisation from last night at The Observatory in Chicago, opening for Dreamboats and Arthhur.

120hp comprised of Mannequins, monome, Make Noise, nonlinearcircuits and Random*Source Serge modules. reverb from OTO BAM. many warm + wonderful friends came out and braved the cold (thank you @zanderraymond, @andrew, @caelmore, @barnjazz, @germinal).

artwork by Racquel Cable (

all proceeds from this track will be donated to Chicago Coalition for the Homeless (

homelessness in Chicago facts

according to CCH, the total unduplicated count of people homeless in Chicago throughout 2016 is 80,384.

eighty percent of these homeless residents lived doubled-up in the homes of others due to hardship, often in overcrowded conditions.

according to data from the American Communities Survey, 64,114 people were living doubled up in Chicago in 2016. Of those, 55.5% were black, 6.5% white, 33.1 Hispanic/Latino, and 4.9% other groups. Chicago’s homeless students are overwhelmingly children of color, at 98.3%.


awesome stuff, and great view! welcome to lines!


Listening now. Slightly disappointed that your comedic pre-/mid-set commentary was not included.


@Dan_Derks starting 2019 STRONG with these releases!


gotta keep the live experience ™ special :wink: