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when dans not doing the recording it gets recorded hehe


Aw, would love to see the combination of modules in this setup, sounds lovely!


Been hard at work on an album. Took 2 short clips of the song I’m working on and put video to them:


Really like those clips @hankyates! Would love to hear the album when you release it.


How the reverb and pulse project past the organization / walls and out of the bright door way … I can see that you walk through unscathed back to your life. Certainly already have.


Thanks! Shooting to be finished in August! I’ll definitely make a post here once it’s getting close.


for sure!

  • teletype
  • mangrove, six sisters, just friends, w//
  • optomix + mult
  • let’s splosh!
  • DUSG mkII

BAM supplying reverb.

thank you so much for the kind words :hugs:


First time sequencing with Ornament & crime´s CopierMaschine. Rampage CVs to O&C, Voices: Tides, Tides 2018 and Plaits, Filtered with Three Sisters.


absolutely gorgeous and I appreciated how much you incorporated your voice – it evens out the timbral field in a lovely and unexpected way.


Really glad that this forum exists. It’s so fascinating to see such an extensive timeline of music.

Last year I lived in the old city of Salamanca, Spain. It was a temporary thing, so I decided I’d go outside and record some improvisational music on location using custom-made software made for that specific performance. They were all recorded on specific historic locations, and each piece is named after the location.

Here are the videos on YouTube:

Plaza Mayor de Salamanca:
Plaza de Anaya:
Río Tormes:

My philosophy with these performances was to improvise everything in the moment, without performing any edits or corrections after the fact. I did do some video editing for aesthetic purposes, but musically, all of the performances are unaltered.

I’d love to share this music in this forum - hopefully some of you guys might find them interesting.


Howdy! A couple Fridays ago I debuted a ton of new work live at an amazing Seattle house venue. It’s part of a new project and a developing record that incorporates elements of techno, modern comp, drone/dark ambient, concrète, noise and all kinds of other stuff.

The venue captured and edited some cool footage of the whole set — there are audio issues in a few places (doubled/out of sync audio) but it’s still cool. I suspect it may not be a lot of lllllllliner’s cup of tea, but maybe some folks will enjoy the sounds :slight_smile:

(live set-up: Octatrack, my rack, DrumBrute Impact)


A teaser from a show I’m working on. Music composed on my modular.


Thank you! I’d never heard this term before and I first thought you were referring to modular synthesis, but I’m now thinking that’s not what you meant right?

I’ll have to delve deeper into modular composition!


sorry, I actually meant modular synth… but modular composition is a nice thing per se :slight_smile:
so how do you make these Derive tracks?


This is so heavy. I wish a scene like this was where I am-.-

I did this track last night in an attempt to learn supercollider and some other software. I felt particularly inspired because some yunglean fan acct. dug my music😏


That’s pretty good, actually. Do you have more of something like that?

I’ve been practicing making ambient tracks on octatrack mk2 lately, here are some:


climb two is great! would love to hear the whole thing when it’s done.

Interesting. Checked your Bandcamp page, good stuff there, too. I especially liked Words, what did you use to make that, if you don’t mind me asking?


Thanks! Very basic setup; Blofeld + Analog Heat for the whole album.


That’s amazing. I’ve been considering getting Heat myself for quite some time now, would you recommed it? How many of its features do you use on a regular basis?


Aaah! Should have gone with my first guess :wink: most of my tracks begin on OP-1 but then moved over to Ableton to clean up and give everything a healthy sprinkling of the new Echo plug-in. Damn I really love that thing!