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Elektron Digiakt jam


I would highly recommend it! It’s not super deep compared to other Elektron stuff, pretty straight forward which I appreciate a lot so I think I use most of it’s features (distortion, filter, LFO’s, envelope etc). I use it with Overbridge to control parameters (such as very long “dry to wet” transformations for example) and use the internal audio interface to track the edited (distorted) track when I feel finish with the settings and modulations. Kind of somewhere between VST and hardware.


was gonna ask u what sound starts happening at 4:33 then it hit me whoa


I don’t, as I’ve always made beats and want to shift into working on more of what everyone does here; especially with what you’re doing with R07.

When that bass tone hits in the beginning :open_mouth: it re-frames everything in such a strong/somber sort of way, and I love how it impresses a stronger sense of the other rhythms coursing through the rest of the track.

edit: and R08… That’s freaking incredible…


Yo this is hella good! Getting some OPN vibes with the frantic melodic lines and super-crispy wide sound design. A little PC music too. Good work

And thanks! Seattle has a solid scene/audience for all sorts of heaviness/dance vibes/out-there shit. I feel fortunate to be part of a community that’s supportive of that kind of thing. I realize it’s not super common outside big metropolitan cities


Well, you’re off to a good start, I must say. Keep it up!

And thanks, glad you liked it. This kind of music actually pretty new to me, I’ve always been doing beats/percussion-oriented music, more, uh, conventional, I guess, like “here’s my melody, here’s my bass line, here are some beats”. To start making this new stuff I’ve actually had to reconsider how and even why I make music. Moving from DAW to OT certainly helped big time.


So good! That last track I especially liked it a terrific groove :slight_smile:



By OT, do you mean out-of-the-box? I totally agree though, that seeing a community like this (after a pretty tame-ass media arts degree in “Sonic-Arts”) gives me hope that there’s several folks recontexualizing the way they make and listen to music.

I keep listening to R08 and it does exactly that. Actually, your guys’ feedback inspired me to finally finish another beatza that was my first sketches w/ an er-301:

…I’m not sure if this falls in line with why I make music, but talking to others on the forum, having a platform to bounce ideas essentially, makes it all the more exciting!


By OT I meant Octatrack MkII, it’s what I’ve been using almost exclusively for almost a year now.


This track just came out on the Modularism 2 compilation. Heavy on Mangrove, 3Sisters, Coldmac & Phonogene


This is a complete, Eurorack-only track played live 2/1/19 @ FUNHAVEN in Garner, NC.

It has a heavy Black Dice influence if the dice got shook up by Han Bennink. Please enjoy.


SJF // DERIVE Hong Kong

The latest track in the DERIVE series. Inspired by the synth sounds of the 80s :slight_smile:


Dan Derks Less Concepts sequencer controlling a Serge modular



trumpet study #1 - overblown breathy tuneless harmonics

been working on making weirder and weirder sounds with the trumpet, i like where this is heading!

bass sequence from TT, JF, STO, dixie ii, optomix, 3 sisters


novation peak and a bit of discretion.


Sunday morning sample flipping


I’ve gone a bit ambient for this one… Brief patch notes in the YouTube description. I want to create my own unique instrument so I’m committing to 6u 104hp for a while (plus a Deluge when I need it).

We’ll see how things go!


Not really sure what to do with this stray recording other than share it here for now, but I felt compelled to make it during a 12-hour work shift today.

It makes extensive use of Logic’s Flex Time and Space Designer tools to render the source material unrecognizable. I’m planning to repurpose the source material for a modular recording I hope to make soon, making use of what I’ve learned about envelope followers since adding an Ears to my modular rig.

Working entirely in-the-box on this reminded just how little pleasure I derive from working this way, and gives me more incentive to somehow find more time to dedicate to my modular in between my two jobs.