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Continuing my ambient experiments on the Octatrack.


First time posting here. I’m a beginner. Hopefully I can show random studies.


Here’s some Serge videos I posted today


I decided to do an experiment, where I set just friends up to be six identical oscilattors, with a little sequence playing - and then used four channels of kria to send out triggers for four of the oscilattors. I also sent some little bits and bobs thru rings & three sisters. but mostly this is just friends. enjoy!!!


Loved it, although I have no idea what all these modules do :smiley: (these are eurorack modules you were talking about, right?).


This is excellent. It feels like I’m being hunted by an evil and relentless steam train.


new k-blamo
happy lunar new year :crescent_moon:


I have a new video for my track dilate:


You can find more music on bandcamp:

sleepless waves



just posted this. modular live sampled in to norns mlr. meadowphysics triggering just friends in plume mode. i pad running patterning and audulus to modulate / sequence the modular.



Krispigt. Nice work beautiful location. :+1:


Hey gang.
Dropped the music video for the first single off the album today. Thought I’d send it along.


a rlly tight vid - on the ghastly hype train indeed


mere. this is dope. I don’t think I’ll be able to hear this song without seeing some of these images (esp. 2:53-2:59) – I’m so curious how this was all negotiated between you and the other creatives.


It all kind of randomly fell together, but was hugely collaborative. It basically started with the idea of “what if Meredith was strapped to the top of a moving car”. So we shot that first. Very fun, very scary. We shot the rest of it at The Refuge, a former monastery thats been turned into an artist collective up in Appleton, Wisconsin. I had just found this wedding dress that was my great great grandmothers, and the director and I were aiming for a weird mix of holiness and hauntedness, to go with the lyrical theme of good and bad. And then the snake just happened to be on the property and I was like “oh, GOTTA play with the snake”.

We sort of just wandered around and when each of us had a hunch for a shot, we went with it. The result is this oddly soothing but spooky mix of images. Guess that’s just our natural inclination.
The blue hues came from Carol, the director, having an obsession with the lighting in Atomic Blonde.


This is so much fun!


made an unintentional on-u sound jam last night w/ norns


Here is another one with duduk :slight_smile: I am planning to make a series with certain microtonal scales. Simple melodies :slight_smile:


Here’s my track from the Bugbrand compilation released today.
It’s a noise source going into four PT Delay modules.


love it! found your “bucles” in the hip hop thread yesterday, and it’s been on repeat since then :slight_smile: