Latest tracks + videos



Just released a couple new tracks I made using almost exclusively the Arturia MicroBrute (it’s the only analog synth I own :stuck_out_tongue:)

I think they came out sounding really fun, hope you think so too


First video since getting back into modular, excited to do more stuff like this with the incoming René and Tempi!


returning to active service: (although still ‘mining’ hospital material :slight_smile: )

Late Ward


Mutable Plaits Mannequins Mangrove Xaoc Belgrad Rings Syncopation with Stages as a sequencer through Quantermain




Inspired by Nils Framh, @n-So, and a beautifully sampled felt piano. This is probably the first of a series.


this is awesome! love that drive and grit. an honor to be in the same breath as nils :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you! Blue I-II-III are absolutely phenomenal in my opinion!


Some late evening patching. Bast Grandpa playing sliced sample from Reaktor K-Teck ensemble through Befaco Rampage into the MI Clouds and finally into Yamaha SPX90 for reverb while my dog was watching if modules are connected properly :smiley:


Hi! VERY new to modular here. Have had the 0-coast for about two months and these 3 modules for maybe 2 weeks max. Figured I’d play around using the quad turing machine in ornament and crime for a little ambient experiment.

Thanks for listening and don’t be too harsh plz :slight_smile:


Had the excellent Podular Modcast in town. Here is a video of my patch:

Full podcast is available at:


Played a show this evening! I think it went ok, anxious to expand the breadth of textures i can access with this patch. always more work to do!


Recording of a performance I did last night at an open stage event. Went ok but didn’t really feel totally in the zone, maybe combination of nerves and not knowing the patch as well. Got great feedback from the audience, everyone seemed to really enjoy it and possible got a gig from it :smile: It’s all improvised from a planned starting point.

Think I’m going to move towards a fixed patch setup for performing so I can really learn all the controls and intricacies, and just play using more intuition.

Excuse the noise in this recording, levels on one effect where set at an incorrect level.


gorgeous!! perfect blend of dynamic and repetitive.


Thanks! That’s possibly the most relieving thing you could have said; finding that balance is something I always worry about with modular sets.



I love when anything happens in Maine. Whereabouts y’all mostly located? I’m from Kittery, though I haven’t lived there in a looong time.


Thanks! I’d say we’re mostly around Portland, but people have traveled as far as Kittery/Portsmouth for the meetups. We’re starting to organize performances as well, had a nice outdoor MOTS-type synth show last October, and are planning a few things for this year.


This is by no means “latest.” I happened to find this song and a half-completed video from six months ago in my iMovie. I finished the video last night with random clips taken on my phone in an effort to clear out iMovie (hence the shift from more nature-based scenes towards the middle).