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Not sure if this is a finished album, may add, add to, or delete some tracks - but wanted to share and maybe get some feedback…thx!

HELD BY MACHINES - The Abington Sessions


video for ‘Kires - Lagrange’ track


This is great! Lagrange is super dark and spacey (hence the name?) and I’m loving it. Want to share how any of this was made? Is it modular?


Thank you, this is very kind of you.

My setup is relatively simple and I put emphasis on live recording.
Whole EP was recorded live on modular system + BSP & midi drum module.
After that some minor arrangement modifications and mastering in DAW.


This is far from complete, but it makes me so damn happy that I just had to share it.

Backstory: I love video games and my fiancé only really likes puzzle-type block dropping games. She’s been crushing Tetris 99, but I can’t get her to play Smash Bros. or retro platformers with me. We’ve been really bonding over Dr. Mario and it warms my heart that we can enjoy a classic together :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


cracking. thank you!


This is great. Dark and minimal but constantly interesting.


Hello! Just want to share my studies with just type and w/


wow, really like this. i need to get more creative with w/type!


thank you for your kind words :raised_hands:


100% Hardware Live-To-Tape Proto-Techno minimal ambient. Double duppies. I entered a trance several times during the recording of this track.


I’m excited to share this one! QPAS and TXn add dimensions. An enveloping swirl.


A simple improvisation, on a real piano this time. My favorite out of the few I’ve recorded in the past months.


I’ve been avoiding Meadowphysics for a while, since it’s a little intimidating to control. Managed to get something I was ok with, but I really found myself wishing for an 8 channel trigger only version of Kria.


Experimenting with new types of little procedural machines in Orca.


First release from Ambient Noise project Oregarus vs Asparagor. Please check it out.


Backtracking to a more human side of music, made this cozy ambient track. For a change used a couple of samples from Octatrack factory content.


digi cassette dubs from the editions I put out last wk - taking some inspo from the 80s new age tape niche. 1st one is a recording from the last chicago show I played.


Rings modulated by Zadar, Magneto, and a little bass from Plaits.


A piece based around a rings feedback patch. There is no sequencing going on here - simply a weird web of effects feeding back into rings, with mangroves droning away. Halfway thru the rings mode changes from yellow to green.