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I really dig this and all your Soundcloud stuff - Iove the incorporation of the piano as I’ve been trying to do the same - sounds really good!


trying some stripped down solo guitar idea

and a rhodes piece i was going to use for something but decided not to


Thank you! If you have any questions about process and recording technique, I’d be happy to answer!


live sampling loom in to octatrack and using the octatrack cue outs to send loop in to borderlands for granulation. octatrack also sending midi clock to patterning


That’s very nice, soothing and exciting at the same time.
Thank you for sharing !


Good vibes here listening to your recording, thank you…


hi jason ! love the simplicity of these, esp. the first one - they feel complete to my ears


First time sharing here. I’ve been enjoying the forum for a few months now and finally decided to start an account on a slow work day :sweat_smile:

Here is a live performance from a few weeks ago. My first time using my modular system as an instrument with other musicians. Pretty different than using it solo! We practiced together once before the show to get down a loose outline of what we’d perform, but it was primarily improvisational.

Jon (me) - Modular Synth (modulargrid here) and Novation Circuit
Tyler - Microbrute and Korg ES2
Bruce - Norde Stage 2

I had a keystep hooked up to rings for my main melodic voice (through dual looping delay), and the pitch from the keystep was multed to plaits (on chord mode, through clouds) for background drones. Also played some pads on the Novation Circuit. My friend Tyler is doing bass on his minibrute, and trigger the percussion and a few sequences in the second half of the performance. His ES2 sequencer was clocked to my modular. My other friend Bruce is killing it with the piano parts on his Nord throughout :slight_smile:


really enjoyed this - the way you all move between different sections is very smooth.


spent a long time trying to squeeze really big sounds out of the Peak and mostly made a lot of flat mush.

gave up on that and made this though. it’s based on the chord progression from autumn leaves but… mangled.

fun was had.


Have been playing all day with sequencing iPad apps with the OP-Z. The combo that seems to work best is to use the drum group tracks audio from the OP-Z and sequence the melodic tracks in AUM. Here’s an example:


love hearing live / improvised group work, with electronics (synthesizers, turntables, homemade devices, etc.) - it’s always sort of a gamble, as to how it all transpires. Maintaining dynamic sensitivity and flow, without stagnating or becoming too diffuse–it’s hard. Even getting everyone on the same page… it’s a minor miracle. I’m only halfway through this; it’s sounding pretty nice / well done. Thanks for sharing


Thank you for the kind words :slight_smile:

You’re definitely right about this. This show was my first time doing anything like this in front of an audience and I asked two friends who I was pretty sure would be more or less on the same page. I consider them both to be better musicians than I am so I’m just glad they were willing to do it with me!

I had such a good time with it that I think I’m going to start a new project just dedicated to it. Hoping to have a rotating cast every time we perform, and to always keep it improvisational in nature.


Another ambient exercise. Working on using my actual audio interface and camera instead of just my iPhone.


Someone made video for “Lago” track from my “Resonant Night” EP.


I had the pleasure of releasing on this fantastic label recently. I love the people involved and the atmosphere in the ‘scene’.
All the money goes to
I also included the complete recources for the album (462 samples, code sketches etc.) here
so feel free to use them!!

Looking for recommendations on music made with SuperCollider

The latest track in the DERIVE Soundscapes series. This one takes inspiration from a friends travels to Lake Akan in Japan.


I’m really learning to love the a Hemispheres Suite.


iPad session - Borderlands, Aparillo and Fugue Machine


practicing for shows later this month- experimenting with using only modular and RYTM mk2. liking where things are going.