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(why does this not embed the SC set interface? single tracks embed just fine, but the set will not: is there anything special that needs to be done to embed a set?)

**** can someone help me with this? so annoying ****

••• so no one knows how to embed a sound cloud track set? •••

*** some days later: seems that maybe it is not doable… ***


:see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil: :alien:


:see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil: :alien:


a couple of modular tracks using Orca firmware


First Beat Picnic release is up.
All sounds in these tracks were manipulated from field recordings from Imperial Palace Gardens in Kyoto, Higashi Honganji Temple in Kyoto, Makino in Shiga and The Mint skate shop, Osaka, Japan.

No other samples or instruments used.

You can download the original samples here:
Make your own Beat Picnic Remix!


i miss you guys. heres a 23 min mix of original stuff.


testing new version of Orca:


posted 4 new sketches this morning, improvs using guitar->distortion->Aleph->Space->RNLA.
couple with the factoryGRANNY scene and a couple with new little looper scene i’ll publish soon.




Finally put out Cut Glove, and with it, 3 new performance videos:

read more about it here:


These are absolutely brilliant! @Rodrigo
Love the duets idea. Just great!
Congratulations, and thank you for sharing this with us!


I finally got time to label my patchbay properly. Then i did a function test…


lil more formed experimentation with fragment shaders reacting to music:


Just uploaded four live recordings. Hope you like them! Custom Monome 256 in action.


Rough day at the office on Thursday, so chill out therapy was necessary when I came home. Came up with this - Parc vs. three Thor patches in Reason. It did the trick nicely, and I had a better day on Friday.


The other day I got my Micro Modular working with a modern operating system. This made me very happy so I made a little video to celebrate.

I am not sure whether or not anyone else is now in the situation of owning a Micro Modular and having not been able to use it because the editor software was abandoned by Clavia a long time ago but I figure information is better the more people have it.

Incidentally this also fixes any other problem you might have which pertains to sending sysex messages to old windows software using a modern Mac.

That should sufficiently pepper this post full of words folks in need might search for.

Download .pch here:

Download .scd here:

Install Wine and add sysex patch instructions here:

Show hidden folders instructions here:

The filepath for where you need to put the .exe file is:


What a great little synth. The original plug out.


Teaching myself modelling and character-animation in 3D using Blender(they have really good docs, and it’s completely free(but still ridiculously extensive in its features), so it ended up easier than i ever could’ve imagined). I don’t have video yet(i have perhaps-too-grand-of-a-vision, may still be awhile), but hope it’s ok to post this mere pic in the latest ‘tracks/videos’ thread, i’m excited:

Alien Crotch Grab! Wut!