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Happy birthday dude :birthday:


Not at all ‘latest’, but @glia - I posted this in the guitar thread and figured it might be more appropriate here. I haven’t covered ‘Good Side’, but this is a Gareth Williams/Flaming Tunes cover I did a few years ago - no guitar, so…just op1 and voice :slight_smile:


thanks man I’ll check it on the ride home


I think a lot of the This Heat and other bands to follow in that circle have a vocal quality that just resonates with me. So I look at this as not entirely different in some ways from ‘Good Side’ :slight_smile:


I should be working on my LCRP track but I did this instead. Sorry.


@mlogger - Loving all your tracks here, especially the more experimental stuff. The video approach adds a lot to them too.


@pirxthepilot really cool track! The uplifting compositional movement reminds me of a lot of Tycho.

I hadn’t seen the cv.ocd before, but it seems pretty awesome especially for the price. Is it fun to use/easy to set up and stuff?


Thank you! I’m a fan of Tycho :slight_smile:

CV.OCD works great! Configuration is done from a website ( - it’s not the best way, but I imagine you can also manually roll your own sysex file. The interface isn’t too difficult, just took me a few minutes to figure out.


recent snippet from performance:


hey thanks for the kind words.


Yesterday’s improvisation!


Monolase app

Messing around with clock division and sequencers.



this was irking me so i edited the raw file


this is really fantastic thanks for sharing this :slight_smile:


A new ep which might fit some people’s tastes for minimalist ambient electronic. Relatively quiet compositions for nighttime listening. Enjoy:


My latest track, I have been getting back into Number Stations lately and this one features a little bit of one of the more well known Number Stations broadcasts - The Swedish Rhapsody.



Hi all, I’m new here. I hope you enjoy this: