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This from one of my latest gigs :slight_smile:




This is so excellent dude, beautiful performance.


This is great - I’m really enjoying seeing the way you ‘play’ your sequencers (and decrypting what’s going on). But I’m also enjoying what I hear.


where was that shot?


beautiful! i wish the track was longer :slight_smile:


fall creek, wisconsin


Really impressed (and perplexed as to how) you mixed all of that without making it muddy. Really enjoyed it!


Continuing my series of little Monday night experiments… here’s some “improvisation” testing out a modified euclidian Teletype script through the SSF Propagate gate/trigger delay/cascade/math thing I just got.




Couple of weeks old now, but my band’s album is out now on bandcamp/spotify/itunes/etc.


… i’m the cop hahahaha


I’m still following the hiphop path I guess…


i really dig this arrangement
very poised & elegant performance


Thanks! I find that the SQ1’s active step mode lends itself well to performance.


re-learning how to stack layers


Made this after my study session.
Cold, windy day on the shoreline.
Even the birds took to shelter.
Arc4 running EDW
SeaboardRise49 running Equator, some rhodes mod preset.


Hey all,

Pre-order now available at SM-LL of our latest release from Jimmy Billingham’s new project Ex Geo (HOLOVR, Opal Tapes, Further Records).

Available as a 8 track unlimited digital £8.99, or a limited of 18, 6 track crystal clear cut vinyl £23.99.

Also some of you may be interested to know this was created almost entirely on the Nord Micro Modular.

(picture of Reloc Batch 0002 for reference)