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Thanks! Often I begin at the piano, then I shift to Ableton - using a combination of software instruments and samples (from or sometimes from my modular system). I often feel my process is too painstaking and iterative - many drafts, many intricate edits in arrangement view. I’ve built a Grid kit and aspire to make music that is more improvisational, less ‘authored’ - though to be honest, the work of revision is gratifying. It’s how I write prose as well.


I mentioned this in the Goals 2017 thread, but I finally got the first episode of my Disquietude podcast up.


Hope You Enjoy :slight_smile:


this is really lovely, @gregory.bell. great work!


very cool, nice sounds :slightly_smiling_face:
@marcus_fischer can’t wait to hear more of your work from the Florida artist residency
sounds great!


Another New Track :slight_smile: Hope You Enjoy This One Too!


I’ve been integrating the monome into the LZX workflow with some of the new LZX modules, the arc is so fun for slow undulations! Here I have the arc controlling the mangrove, three sisters and the LZX doorway and staircase to move the waves up and down as well as turn the background from day to night.



yyyyyyyeeeeyyyyyy. big fan :slight_smile:


thanks! :musical_score:


Okie doke, the Disquietude podcast is now on iTunes:




Absolutely stunning!
What modules are you using particular for the reverb sounds? It sounds absolutely otherwordly.


agreed, stunning performance!

I reckon (((((((((((((( erbe verb. and rings into it. also: voltage memory, ears, wogglebug2…

ears with the wooden case is amazing. gorgeous setup altogether (not surprisingly).


Are there contact mics on the inside of the case?


Wow, that is a great performance and recording. I love the idea of using the case as percussion. Beautiful.


ears has a contact mic


that was incredible. i reposted from your link on fb. sooooooo gooooooooooooooood


@sakul you are all correct!

here is the system :
by setting up gain on ear to max, the whole case became a playing surface and big microphone for picking up all sounds nearby.

@dude @emenel @badkidstothefront thank you!