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Really inspiring performance MengQi! Makes want to treat my Eurorack as more an instrument.
And beautiful Lamond case you’ve got there too :slight_smile:


Here is the latest track I am part of, possibly the last new piece of music that will be recorded with the soon to disband Sound Celestial Orchestra…


New single out today :smiley:


More ISMS + LZX + MI Elements

EDIT: I dont think the forum supports Instagrams slideshow feature



my song for piano day 2017 (the 88th day of the year), “costa’s canyon.” ambient improvisation + field recording. tiny birds cheeping happily on a warm spring day.


amazing vid by @glia + my new tune


Last mini EP released today on Knaften Record Label :blush:

Tracks description:

Martin Mestres debut EP “Wandering Mind’s Tale” sets the scenery with ‘Flotus’ who after been tripping on light drumhits get hit by massive waves of harmonic synths over a stuttering beat. Only to break down in a modualr flutter.
On Tightrope Walking you can almost detect some kind of lagnue going on between Martin’s machines as some plucked chords will guide you through an electronic jungle of sorts. Filled with beautiful sprinkled and calming sounds, the track is a safe haven and a nice passage for what’s up ahead.
Martin ends his debut EP in a waterfall of distortion as broken beats are on the attack. The tempo is busy and there is an urgency going on. The song slowly falls down in the same atmosphere as Flotus began, (after beeing rushed by a train) to calmly complete the EP and kindly give you back your wandering mind.

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Really, really, really, really nice.


aww yiss
thanks for that


Sometimes I remix.



Just a little doodle, not really a track.

Terms - Press cafe > Note Length MIDI effect set to “Ten Seconds” > Pitch MIDI effect modulated by LFO > Scale MIDI effect set to “Gipsy Scale” > Velocity MIDI effect set to “Total Random” > Omnisphere loaded with “Smoked Lap Steel b”


@jasonw22 cool sounds :slight_smile: nice work


we got a k-blamo YouTube channel together
ep out later this month :grinning:

ps. @shellfritsch
photo of laura is from out in front of your chinatown show, thanks again!


Soon Out Via WTFisSwag :slight_smile:


Here’s my first result of experimentation with Meadowphysics.
I hope you enjoy :slight_smile:



@ioflow Second-half of the live improvisation @ Leaven Community in Portland, OR!


very pretty minimal ambient bliss. restrained, but with those warbling old-tape-like passages every now and then; textural variations in contrast to the delicate swells. thanks for sharing!


Thanks!! That really means so much :blush: