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Coffee Shop jam.
Just some samples, s0rens returns sending cc’s to ableton, terms press cafe for drum samples and other stuff…and things. Can’t forget the things.


All the things… love it


this is beautiful!!!


@murray - Nice performance. That would have been cool to be in the room listening. @ioflow nailed it with “minimal ambient bliss, retrained…”


@ioflow - that was sublime. Well done! I love what you did, excellent improv. Happy birds.


k-blamo neptune ep
available April 25 2017


First play with a Morphagene, taking sounds stored in Qu-bit Wave. It’s noisy for awhile and then kind of settles into something (?)


Thanks for sharing. Phonogene is one of my very favorite modules, and I’ve been curious about this. The first Make Noise Morphagene instructional video has been posted here.




An improvisation with Chungking Express as inspiration.



First time posting a track. I lurk this forum a lot though and dig the spirit of it.

This is a semi-improvisational piece inspired by Steve Reich’s Music for 18 Musicians. Like Reich’s pieces, it focuses on one chord throughout the whole piece (CGE in this case).


video removed (pending new attempt…)


This is really nice. What is the controlling speed/start/stop on the tables?


These just keep getting better!


@emenel I’m using the remote function that was designed to allow sync from a master deck to multiple slaves, my sequencer is sending the commands (acting as four master decks), see link Aleph prgm

@Boob, thanks for kind words of encouragement!


new k-blamo

new youtube channel


The passing of Mika Vainio got me thinking about the 90’s again. I was so inspired by Panasonic that I recorded and released two albums of music that is heavily indebted to their sound.

Since I’ve been thinking about it, I decided to remaster and release them again under my New Tendencies name.

a01 was self released in CD-R and cassette in 1999.

Timbre was originally released on, the now defunct, Entartete Kunst Records (London, Ontario, Canada) in 2000.


first time recording 8ch simultaneously. didn’t expect the cognitive load