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I love the rhythmic structure and textures eesn.

I was playing with waves on the aleph and droned out, forgot that I left audio in record… I found it interesting how so much complexity can come from a minimal interface.

I am half tempted to make 8x 5v attenuators for the Aleph just so each modulation param can evolve into more controlled complex oscillations.





This is a video i made to promote the amazing samplr app. Shot, edited and made the music it. The song is made entirely from the sounds recorded in the beginning of the video. Made it for a marketing class/ internship when i was in business school.


Not necessarily a latest track or video, but I got the opportunity to interview Jason Williamson of Sleaford Mods a few months back – wrote a piece on it that just got published on PopMatters. Dude is brilliant, really a joy to bear witness. (paging: @Toaster)


still getting used to sharing sketches.
magic sliders on the Volca FM


Nice! Saw them on that very tour. It ruled.


Hi guys! I’m excited to share this with you all. It’s the latest MUSIC VIDEO I’ve been working on featuring the electronics version of Aaron Cassidy’s The wreck of former boundaries.

I approached Aaron with a simple idea: to film him while he listened to his own piece, and to my delight he agreed. I wanted to see–and show–how he considers the work he knows intimately well as creator. I hope you can see what I see in it.

Please watch in HD–it makes a difference.



oh, that is truly beautiful. it almost implies a new genre: artists contemplating their work? perhaps that exists, I don’t know, but it’s wonderful - and especially so because I was unfamiliar with that piece


Thanks! And I don’t think I’ve ever seen it done before either (I’m more than happy to be introduced to examples if anyone knows of any.)
One day, when I saw him listening to an excerpt of the piece (because I was sitting in on a discussion with him), the simplicity (and poetry?) of that idea really moved me.

What could be as dense with meaning as the image of a person candidly/genuinely react to the thing that they made? He knows each fraction of a second intimatly well, so he can “track” it better than anyone else. And we can see his face as he does this. Each moment is hi-res significance.

There are other things in it too (and I’m currently writing a blog post about it all) but the importance of this one aspect can’t be overstated.

Thanks for watching it :slight_smile:


new k-blamo YouTube

Neptune ep out Thursday :slightly_smiling_face:


Exploring some noise.


I played an improvised show last night at a local bar. Here’s the recording straight from the main board.


new k-blamo ep today!


I’ve been trying to hone this one down for a few weeks now.
This is ultras (attempt 20ish.)
Feat. Kria and Ultra Random Analog.


New Ansible firmware was a godsend! Allowed me to get this patch going with my Tempest drum machine, changing patterns on the Kria sequencer in sync. Phuns.


Been very happy about my switch to a Grid/ Ansible setup- here’s a video of a new song and how I do things in a live setting.


SuperCollider (sequencer) + Renoise (sampler) + a simple modular synth (sound source)