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Wanted to try the amen break : )


I’ve had this album on heavy rotation. Such amazing work from you all. I read the bit on NPR music and find ‘The Glow’ and ‘Song’ hit me exactly where they were meant to. Which is pretty amazing. :heart: :heart: :heart: this.


First new track in a while…


New Striechfett= me making music on it:


… video of a concert in December 2016 …




Ghost in the shell?..


It is indeed…


Hey Guys!
Have A Listen, Have A Download, Get A Tape! :slight_smile:

Hope You Enjoy :heart:




Sunday morning patch. Fun with a new WMD Performance Mixer.


I’m working towards a self contained 2 voice all analogue modular synthesizer, to complement / juxtapose with my monome controlled system (monome can still control this of course). It’s not quite there yet, but I’ll be making some videos as I go. Here is the first one.


over a decade of making music and just now I upload something to the internet. sum = op-1 + grid controlling aalto + samplr + sp-303 + six different pieces of vinyl


I have been quiet (reading everything, but not coming up with something clever enough to justify writing) on the forum lately, but exceptionnally I wanted to share something with you all. We’ve been working on it for a while with an animator friend, and it’s finally out. It’s the first music video I release in ages (as I don’t like most music videos, and a lot of the collaborations I previously made ended lost on a hard drive because I just didn’t feel confortable publishing them), and for once I’m proud of it, so… I hope you’ll enjoy it. Feel free to leave a comment on it or something, I hope this video will have some views as I’d love to help Titouan Bordeau to get rewarded for his hard work on this and everything he does.


Absolutely spectacular!!! Lots of respect for this stunning piece!


Love it! You have such a beautiful voice floating above the electronics. Big up!


Beautiful!! Love the music and animation! Everything works so well together!

PS. the structure at 2:32 in the video reminds me of an amazing installation somewhere in rural Russia…


This is fantastic. It reminds me of the mid-90’s Thomas Brinkmann multi turntable remix stuff (a good thing IMO).

Any plans to release recordings?


I sent it to Titouan who animated the video and he loved it ^^ lots ot food for the mind (although I doubt you can grow mushrooms on this one, but hey, that’s what animated videos are for!) Thanks for your comments, I’m so happy about this video, it really feels like an acheivement, I was stunned when I first got to watch it from beginning to end. As if some hidden part of my music was brought to life in front of my eyes and I didn’t even know it was there. Wonderful feeling. So to know that it can also touch and resonnate with other people around the world… it’s priceless really.