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thank you so much, a reference to Brinkmann is always welcome!

youtube was the only thing that entered my mind (mind control?! whaaat! :slight_smile: ) even though it could be debated if that is a release or not… anyway I’m happy with going that route for this series of tracks (and there will only be these four, though “trajectory 3” will be get a total remake someday…)


YouTube definitely counts as a release.Tthe only problem is that I can’t download it to listen offline or give you any money for it. :slight_smile:

I’d love to learn more about the process as well. What is on each record? Do you get them pressed just for this?


I’m using test tone type of records from vestax (can be found on ebay), whereas each track is a single tone sound.

shortly about each track:

  1. a four note chord played back with two different synth sounds (so in reality it is actually the sound of 8 turntables, but that would have been crazy to pull off in a video!) lots of post filtering/feedback…

  2. four records playing with skipping tone arms (the fastest just doing sporadic clicks but I removed that from the mix), the bass drum is a separate sound

  3. three records playing a chord with a low string sound, the rest are separate sounds plus feedback


hi guys, I haven’t posted any live videos since back in the days of the old forum. here’s a live video with guitar, re:mix, arcm4l and vocals. the guitarist loops some stuff in MainStage, and I trigger no more than three (!) loops while controlling a filter and some fx on the vocals with the arc.

check it out


Heres 3 new ones :slight_smile:


A few of my latest Eurorack experiments… both use Mannequins modules generously.

Lapiz Lazuli:

Mojave Ember:

Enjoy your weekend, friends!


A simple synth line


One of my goals for 2017 was to play more gigs – I did 2 in 2016 and want to do 4 in 2017.

So last Friday I played my second gig in 2017, with Roland Barkey doing the visuals, filming & the video (thanks so much!). The venue was an extremely small cinema (30 - 40 seats?) in the basement of a bar called “Golem” in Hamburg, Germany.

No monome modules this time, but I hope you enjoy it nevertheless – I have a handful of patches on the Buchla 200e which serve as “starting points” for my improvisations, which I loop live on the Octatrack, so there are no pre-produced sequences or audio files.

If you are willing to spare 50 minutes, here’s a rather elegiac sonic journey.


lovely :wink:

Great performance.


live jam edited down to 8 minutes. a whole lot of MLR cutting up guitars, lo fi 303/404/555 sampling and aalto.


Recorded a wonderful cellist, Nora Krahl playing to an installation piece I’m working on. Then, messed with her various passes and made something more playful:


live performance. semigenerative ambient. cascading tones and textures. reworking material from a song on my upcoming album. first use of er-301, mixology, and second ansible. grid + arc, meadowphysics + cycles. patch notes on the video page.


aleatoric piano peice using the er-301 custom unti found here, kria, cycles & a make noise function.


2 ansibles, one running kria in meta mode and one running meadowphysics to provide audio


Continuing my series of Monday experiments:

This one playing with Rollz5, Cocolase, and Erbe-Verb.


More experiments with the Rollz5. I think I like this one.



This is a super cool patch! Would love to hear the patch details


Beautiful tracks/video’s.


loving disastrous piece on the rings