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Brand new patch re-using meadowphysics after long time.


Messing around with TT controlling Transpose and Clock on Earthsea.
Sound is Just Friends (self patched for a little FM) through 2x Clouds, Piston Honda as LFO on Curve.


Some live sampling with Block Party. All sounds come from a cello through IRCAM plugins.


First run with newly-acquired Eloquencer sequencer:


Grotto just released a single from their forthcoming album. It’s been 3 years in the works with samples, electronic and acoustic instruments and field recordings (among other things).


i’ve been obsessed with thru-zero lately. today i patched those sounds into the 301 for some granular processing and dialed in earthsea shape memories to modulate 3 sisters in formant mode and offset the thru-zero modulating oscillator for quick timbral recall.


Loved this one dude. All the ER 301 videos are killing me, must not buy.


Beautiful. Really nice mellow sounds and the visuals are cool, too. :evergreen_tree:

For live looping in Octatrack, are you using Pick Up machines or Flex machines? I’ve tried using Pick ups and it never works too well. I’ve had much more success with sampling in a Flex Machine, then sequencing it in progressive patterns, but that could just be me.


Really nice, man! Are you just using Arc to sequence all 3 of these Mothers? It looks like you are playing at least one of them with the keyboard… :movie_camera::crystal_ball:


The ARC is manipulating the Intellijel uSCALE who in turn controls two Mother 32s. I then play the lead using the Arturia Keystep on the third Mother 32.


Thanks for spending your time with my music, glad you liked it.

I use the pickup machines – when I follow a strict ritual, I can get them to do what I want. What I want is to do recordings longer than 64 steps, and then do overdubs on these recordings. Can’t do that in a single Flex machine. The pickups sometimes played tricks on me, even live, when I had to read the dreaded “Dub aborted” (nice album title BTW) message, but if I stick to certain rules like no tempo changes, reset all pitch changes before overdubbing (check scenes!) etc., I get along with them.

I sent so many enhancement requests and bug reports on the pickups to Elektron that I lost count of it, but even in their current state (which is unlikely to change, as Elektron obviously is doing other things like AH, DT and Overbridge)…having them is so much more useful than not having them. :smiley:


hi everyone - i’ve been on the slack but it’s my first time posting here. I’ve been teaching myself a bit about mastering and thought i’d put up this track. would be glad to have any feedback / comments!


Here is a performance I did lately :slight_smile:
Enjoy, stay tuned :))


Managed to make a little jam with Monome and my Eurorack starter Kit :slight_smile:
Maybee someone like it.


Some new (more dancefloored) stuff…
EP’s coming…Some shows as well…
Feel free to comment!!


Love it! That’s my tune for today!
Holler from Neukölln


Definitely have to go in your neighbourhood next time in Berlin!!
Come quite a lot, but never discovered this part of the town :slight_smile:


Lets hook up then. I pay the beer. I’m sure you’ll like it.


New project I’ve started, may look rather on heavier side and weird compared to what most llllllll folk do.
Sound sources: just friends, rs serge dusg, rs serge vcfq, spectrum, waldorf nw1.
Video shamelessly taken from sogo ishii.
Everything recorded live in one and single go, no mastering or post processing.


raw impro with dark energy on sequencing and fm percussion