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So nice… peacfull. I like that I can’t hear a super clear loop anywhere.


i had some highly satisfying days learning touchdesigner/connecting with supercollider. this is what i made for a local arts festival


recording of recent live performance in berlin:


recording from recent residency at EMS, Stockholm:


Le Grand Voyage

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Made with BASTL Case, Benjolin, Twin Waves, PICO DSP, PICO Drum, Radio Music, 2HP Freez, FX6



Just made this weird mexican cumbia song. sampled some vinyl and myself playing a toy accordion. recorded myself really loudly into a cassette for some crusty distortion.



Little looping impro session for small noisemakers, synths, voice&fx


Thanks! That was the idea. The lack of a clear loop is largely down to Kria; it’s pretty simple to create loops that aren’t immediately repetitive. There’s a Make Noise Tempi in there, too, sending ansible a clock tick that pauses every now and then, which also shakes things up a bit.


My wife said I should tell you that she really liked the music in your video! She usually doesn’t like modular videos all that much.


recent track and video, same name for my soundcloud :grinning:


which began as a play with Rings and turned into a short attempt at something more structured. Learning smile. But I really like that Rings smear.


first run with a home-brewed M4L device I hacked together – took the bones of that 4ms DLD pd patch and replaced the buffers with a couple of @Rodrigo’s karma~ external. device is only halfway done (more a SingleLD), but it’s able to run as a varispeed reverse circular-ish delay! borders on CT5 Mode 1 territory.

TT is doing basic Renè-esque X * Y to run through 2.0’s PN ops.

also, BAM. so much BAM!


This is lovely. Would you mind sharing the TT script? I’ve never used mine like this and would love to see what you’re doing in more detail.

> teletype : code exchange

Super thrilled to have my album ‘Real and Surreal’ included on Hainbach’s latest lofi mix, ‘Summer Floods’. This includes his latest tape ‘On Endless Beach’ and Jogging House’s ‘Self’ which I’ve been listening to a lot lately. Looking forward to familiarizing myself with the other artists on this as well. Lots of dark, hazy textures.


this is insanely well done


[quote=“Dan_Derks, post:1200, topic:99”]
took the bones of that 4ms DLD pd patch and replaced the buffers with a couple of @Rodrigo’s karma~ external. device is only halfway done

resourceful, clever hack


I am so excited to share it once its done. Just a really simple but flexible device, due to the sources of its existence. Does nearly exactly what I was (under-)using CT5 for, but I’m also looking at how to pull in more of those cues.


wow thank you. means a lot coming from you. i really dig your stuff.