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thanks a lot dude! :slight_smile:


just released this today, a series of live loops mangled on the spot.

tape available from life like tapes


Where has this been all my life. So wonderful.



A patch for a summer’s evening. After a while of feeling useless, I enjoyed how this came together.


I’ve had the electribe 2 for ~1 year and I don’t use it enough. I wanted to change that today.


An album I released a few months ago. Created using a Nord Micro Modular.


Trying out my friend’s Hologram Electronics Infinite Jets pedal and an attempt at rhythm on the banjo


I tried out grid (and meadowphysics) for the first time today and recorded a sofa live jam right away. Absolutely loving this thing.


This was ‘released’ last May, but finally getting around to uploading the full album up on SoundCloud.

A mix of sine-tones and highly processed guitar, almost all of it done in AudioMulch (with some processing/mastering in Ableton). One track (‘Field of Springs’) is derived from a Disquiet track of the same name.


A pre-study for an artistic research project I’m working on (


Beautiful! Really enjoyed that!


Wonderful! Great music to begin my day, thanks


Thank you! You are most welcome :slight_smile:


I Played Live Last Friday, I Recorded It & I Wanna Share It With You Now :slight_smile:
Played With My 256 Grid + re:mix <3 Hope you enjoy!


I have a new tape out. Here’s the sound sample. Check my bandcamp for the full thing :slight_smile:


thank you! Glad you enjoyed it



just put out my very first record. made with a sp303, a grid, aalto, samplr, cassettes and a lot of vinyl.

track 15 “a bucle for lines” is dedicated to this very community. thank you for all the inspiration


only <3 for Just Type