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Something from this evening using just friends STRATA envelopes.


I wanted to share some beautiful music that my girlfriend made for this podcast called Data Cult Audio:

It’s mostly processed modular stuff, with a lot of it made from her vocals.
I’m really excited for her and I figured some of you on here would probably enjoy it as well!


Don’t think I’ve ever posted my “other” stuff on here (under my “Chip Lightning” pseudonym). Really looking for some constructive criticism especially on structure. I am writing 80s influenced pop, but want to avoid some of the cliches in the synthwave genre, so its not cyberpunk themed or anything. I like linear structures, not sure if they translate well here. Vocals are from a session vocalist bank (Holly Drummond - another Scot!).


New track made some weeks ago using modular system just for drums and parc to sequencing lead and pad synths.


I’ve had an idea for a while now to make an album themed around Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Barsoom series, this is the first track I’ve been happy enough with to add to the list. 2 tracks are controlled/played by Kria, one is controlled by Earthsea, random voltages are generated by Teletype, which is also clocking Earthsea and in turn is being triggered by Meadowphysics. TXo is acting as an oscillator for a ‘counter-bassline’. Just Friends and Mangrove are the oscillators, and so is Ultra-Random Analog as a fat squarewave bassline machine. It is all mixed in the 2m mixer - sent out through Three Sisters Low-jack and on to MSCL for squishing. The Octatrack and H9 are playing host to a reverb choir.

I would just like to thank @bpcmusic @tehn and @Galapagoose for making divining rods, so that I could find these sounds, I don’t think I could have on my own (boundless praise for the playability of kria.)

The Monome Ecosystem

this is great.
and i concur on your sentiments re: the tools that we have available to us.


Hi! I just joined the community.

I’ve been uploading single-session eurorack sketches to soundcloud since I started in modular not so long ago. I’m just kind of archiving my progression really, throwing everything out there uncensored. Usually one a week.
(ノ°∀°)ノ⌒・:.。. .。.:・゜゚・*☆


My New Tape “Out Of The Picture” Will Be Released Via Phinery On September, 25th. You Can Already Pre-Order It On Bandcamp!

Have A Small Sneak Peak Right Here:

Take Note: Phinery Offers A “10 Cassette Autumn Batch Deal”!
So Go Get 'Em All For Just A Few Virtual Coins:
LXV - Inversion Method
More Eaze - 2stre3ss
Jim Strong - Vee and j. Rise after Car Burn
G.S. Sultan Redundancy Suite Remixes
Jesse Sparhawk - What Winter Was
BIrdy Earns - Out Of The Picture
Tourist Kid - Born To Do It
Christian Michael Filardo - Ennui Divine
Horaflora/Scy1e - Double Feature
Philippe Vandal - Tabu Blank


woof that second outtake is a jaaaaaaaam



I’m new to the community here and really loving the vibe! I’ve been uploading soundscape stuff on my instagram periodically. Just did one with my 0-Coast yesterday:


A line check / solo rehearsal / pre-pack jam … It takes a second to dig in …

We’re playing tonight on KMUZ 10 PM PDT - Midnight as MKUltramegaphone with Austin Rich (Mid-Valley Mutations) and (Uneasy Chairs) Pat Gundran … live patching / free form radio stylings:

Mid-Valley Mutations website:



I really love this! Wonderful vibes.


heres a few pieces of ambient ear candy


A little ambient thing I filmed today on my kitchen table. Morphagene with clouds, all modulated by Frap tools Sapel and Pamela’s new workout.


This is excellent (for 20 characters.)


Here’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time and I finally got around to it when using Earthsea to tune various modules. The simple sequence of root, octaves and 5ths sounded oddly musical so I started from there. 2 Earthsea real time sequences, ES 1 clocks ES 2 via Teletype, with a 75% chance of generating a clock. ES 2 is transposed via Teletype using a 16 step pattern of numbers which work, musically, accessed semi randomly. Pitch bend sounding modulation and all other modulation from an un-sync-ed Benjolin. Lexicon reverb, El Capistan.


Only audio, and for a limited time only streaming on the BBC page (kind of shit that, but oh well):

When I’m next in Madrid I’ll film a version of this with @Angela.


A drone done with a rollz-5, t-resonator, a spring reverb and a macumbista benjolin:


Made this scary ambient thing the other night then sent it through @Rodrigo’s c-c-combine

also i released this after a long bout of self doubting/hesitation, hope you enjoy!