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Thanks for sharing, I like these sounds, and the reverberation has a kind of “physical” quality (for lack of a better term) that appeals to me. Also I appreciate the wet/dry balance.
Would you mind to share what reverb unit is in use here ?


This is David Pocknee’s piece overall, but the flautist (Richard Craig) and I were in the mix conceptualizing and figuring things out with him. Likewise, these guys’ thoughts also helped out with the video side of things.
This is just the online video version but there’s going to be a live version of this performed somewhere in England next year (I can try to be more vague ; )


I’m running a granular synth patch in Max and feeding it into my synth, Devon’s running a custom Reaktor ensemble, and Roger’s running plugin effects in Live to process his synth.


Thank you! I collect royalty-free footage I find interesting when I run across any. I believe this one was from :pray:


Gotcha! That’s great- definitely heard some granular in there. Really enjoyed listening to it!


heres some new ones


new k-blamo
immaculate ep :grinning:


No problem, there are 3 separate reverbs going, 2 are stereo. One of 4 mono channels is a Bugbrand Spring Tanker influenced by various CV from the Lorre-Mill Double Knot and is effecting one of the 2 Hordijk Blippoo boxes. The stereo output of the Lorre-Mill is sent on some pieces to a Jomox T-Resonator (9v AC model, sometimes in reverb mode), and other times through a TC Electronics Hall of Fame in stereo. There is also a Bug Brand PT Delay on one Blippoo leg which is influenced by CV from either of the 2 Blippoo or the Double Knot (it can occasionally sound like reverb as well depending on what the various CV is sending). I’m doing live patching and twiddling, so things change rapidly throughout each piece and are not easily tracked mentally. All of the effects are pre-mixer and then mixed and summed to 2 channels and sent to a digital recorder. There is no post-production effect or compression added on any of the tracks in that series.

The other things that influence the quality, timing and timbre of the reverbs are the 2 BugBrand Cross Over Filters. I only use the one treble band output on each, but they are both influenced by CV from both Blippoo boxes in various orders that change rapidly (sometimes by CV from the Double Knot). There’s a lot of mixing going on with the magic fingers of CV and depending on the settings of the reverbs and the output in terms of band from the voices and filters, it kind of makes a “moving around the cave while playing live” kind of sound to me.

I hope this description isn’t too messy!


Not at all, thank you for the very detailed answer.
I hear you about the “moving in a cave” impression ; that’s what it sounded like to me, but I thought this was probably two large spring tanks (for stereo) with some kind of voltage controlled EQ… I’m delighted to learn that there’s far more going on than I expected!


This is a composition I’ve been working on at school, featuring a lot of field recording, theremin, Plumbutter, and ARP 2600. Hope some of you guys enjoy it :slight_smile:


cool, glad to hear of your interest and happy to help … thanks for listening btw.


one more


here’s a video of an generative harmony program i wrote in max/msp rendered on a yahama disklavier.

none of the material is pre-written, it’s all spontaneously generated. the algorithm works by connecting chords according to vertical and contrapunctal rules that i’ve specified.


Sorry, is that giant real piano eating up the MIDI signal from your computer?! I feel like I’ve lived under a rock.
That’s awesome.

Also cool progressions! I guess you could finetune it anyway you like now.


yeah it’s the yamaha disklavier!


Putting the Chic in Anarchic, my alter ego donotrunwithpixels just shat this out:


this uses the scanner darkly pong scene


Hi all,

This is my new nerd-fest album out today,


seeing piano keys automated never ceases to freak me out. am i alone?


need to learn recording longer phrases on the keystep