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A little piece I made in one take using eurorack, op-1 and digitakt. Hope you enjoy!


Hello all! I’m an old school techno performer living in Las Vegas. I decided that I really liked the maturity exhibited in some recent posts on this forum, so here I am. Here’s some music I made with Eurorack, RYTM, ORB, Juno-1. It’s 150 BPM Acid Techno. I really haven’t made much acid lately but I came across some inspiration while I was trying to wrap my head around recent events that took place a few blocks from my apartment. The whole city feels strange to me now, and what was a very party vibe I used to have now is falling by the wayside for something a little more aggressive. I used to play a lot of Industrial also and played my grocery cart with Pigface in the 90s at a couple of shows in the Southeast (Orlando, and Atlanta, Notes from Thee Underground Tour) which was great because I got to bang on Genesis Breyer P-Oriddge’s EPS sampler while I set my arm on fire. I’m not trying to name drop I just wanted t make it clear 1. I belong in a group of experimental musicians like here, and 2. I wanted to give some basic insight as to why my music may suddenly evolve into an aggressive noise fest so you won’t be like, huh? I hope I am welcome here as I really don’t know anyone else that shares my enthusiasm for electronic textures.


I’m a senior electronic production and design student at Berklee, and i organized a “Modular on the Spot”-esque event for our department. Usually I perform as part of an improvised techno duo with a bassist, but this was my first solo modular performance, and also my first performance with an isms case!


shot at farm HQ, right before a storm broke. easily the most magical space I’ve made noises in. tytyty @tehn + @kelli_cain


Spending more time with this guy recently

DSCF5286 copy

Really enjoyed this. I found myself thinking I would love to hear the whole thing slow down…and then sure enough!


Just posted my first modular performance on my small but mighty setup here:

Been having so much fun with my new Mangrove. I could listen to just it all day!


this is really nice.


remixing myself


driving music


Touch Actvated by mudlogger - this is my debut album :slight_smile:


CONGRATULATIONS on the release!


~noodlings~ for an animation project i’m trying to get off the ground:


While at a friends cabin on a rainy day in northern Minnesota, I made 2 patches. Here is the first (more soon)!

:fire: :black_medium_square::wavy_dash::loud_sound:


Really nice tracks! Following.


First EP from my /other/ music project, Metal Biped:

Recorded live, last weekend: Josh on Tesla coil (via MIDI!), and I’m playing various boxes:

It was recorded in a warehouse… a very big warehouse:


Really like the progression.


I know that rock! Nice to see a modular system sitting on it.


Hello, I’m a newbie on this site :space_invader::wave:

I recently played a live set with Sebastian aka Jericho, hope you like it >>


Welcome! And loving the set so far.


Part 2 from my rainy day at a cabin in northern MN!

:fire: :black_medium_square::wavy_dash::loud_sound: