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Something I’ve recently started for my Bandcamp subscription series. The link will be dead eventually (since I’m not a Soundcloud subscriber), but I’m happy with the feedback I’ve received from a few friends, who favorably compared it to Musick to Play in the Dark-era Coil and were surprised to learn that it was made entirely in-the-box. I’ve still got some work left to do on it, and eventually settle on a title, but for now, here’s a working link:


Hi there.


Here’s a new soundscape I recorded for Fall. This is mostly modular with some light guitar mostly in the background. Also Mannequins Mangrove is way too much fun!


I made some Halloween soundscapes/dronescapes for HALLOWEEN 2017. Stay spooky lines.


Made this jam while finishing up the new album. I think there should still be room for an edited version on the release.


Beautiful! Looking forward to your new release!


Thank you so much! Tapes should go into production next week.


disklaviers are kinda magic, and have been around for decades.


Hey guys! Just got my grid and signed up for this forum. So far this thing is absolutely blowing my mind…

Just made my first recording with grid using Kasper’s Grainfields. Lmk what you guys think!


Just getting into using monome grid–here being used to sequence a dixie II+ and a tides (through Shifty) as well as a slower sequence motivating Rings into action.

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My new Album, PENINSVLA, dropped today.

Download or stream it via whichever channel takes your fancy:

iTunes/ Spotify / Amazon / Bandcamp

Or have a listen, right here, right now:

Would love to hear from you if you’re enjoying the album.


Here’s a video of a recent show I did with some amazing visuals (that I am only just seeing now) :eyes:


Heavens, the featured track (“a doubt that surpasses all understanding”) started and I spontaneously began to sing along … what a beautiful track … and the next one … and the next … this album is a revelation. Thank you.


great sounds … deep, rich … lots of feeling.


a few more rolls of the dice for the road:


Thanks for the lovely words guys.

Here’s tonights improv:


Testing Mangrove with STO :slight_smile:


Been loving the Roland E-20 sounds :evergreen_tree:``


Having fun with Telescope.