Latest tracks + videos



That’s it! Getting my Videoscope out tonight!!


had a modular on the carpet set today



Some of my new projects:

Audiovisual performance Refract / Recurse

Audiovisual Installation WMWM

New songs with beats and stuff on cassette tape


Beginning a new thing to try to get some exercise:

And a podcast feed, for possibly easier listening?


One of my favourite tracks I’ve done so far! Mostly using Qu-Bit Chord, Make Noise STO, and Intellijel uScale.


This rather sensual track is the first outing of my upcoming album ‘From’, dropping November 18th via Seil Records. As always, completely made with the modular system. I hope you enjoy it.


New track from Anenon!


Just found this on instagram - Great to see such a creative use of my module :smiley:


this is totally great!!


Thank you so much. Glad you like it.


i cannot wait to hear this tape!!!


Wanted to share my latest album with you all- it’s called “Finding the Good in Everything” and can be found here:

Used a hefty amount of Grid sequencing/ manipulating with the illustrious Mannequins Mangrove and Max for Live on this one. Happy to share!


Returned to More Life on the first anniversary of its release, resulting in Returning.


Such quality recordings from people in this community, I love it. Fantastic to be a part of it.

I wrote this piece a few months ago for a short animated documentary about kids in juvenile detention:

Ansible + Elements + Three Sisters + Chronoblob with Mellotron

Obligatory ambient modular piece, this one inspired by my experiences out at sea in Antarctica from last December to March:


‘Secrets’ is a regenerative live session to not forget about the things we keep hidden.



The other night I was noodling around on my Eurorack modular system with the tape running. This came out.

Half-way through the session my son came downstairs on one of his many “I can’t sleep” trips of the evening, and asked “Are you playing the Label Game?” His name for my modular system.

Video filmed through a 1950’s d-mount cine lens on the Gower Peninsula, Wales.


The album is out! :smiley:
You can find it on all the streaming places and so on.
Artis: Sgrow
Album: Circumstance


Here is a music video by Secret Drum Band. They are a group that I started playing with earlier this year consisting of five drummers and two “noise” musicians. SDB has had a rotating cast of members but at its core has been ex-members of Unwound, !!! and Explode Into Colors as well as current members of Typhoon.
It’s been fun playing in a larger band again after spending most of the past 10 years playing in duos or solo.


I really enjoyed this release, thank you for sharing