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Something I recorded a few months ago.


Thanks so much @ghost! It was a labor of love of mine for the past year or so, and I’m happy with how it turned out. Excited to be a part of Spare No Expanse as well; he’s putting out some great cassettes.


Continuing with the one-a-day jam… I’m pretty content with this one:



wow so much output here lately! i’m looking forward to listen to all of it the next couple of days/weeks :slight_smile:
i want to share my latest ‘modular practice’ because i like what just happened. kria as squencer of four STO’s.


Just started this new live stream series with ambient music.

4500: one song a day

I just put up my first YouTube modular performance with better sound quality----recorded into Ableton instead of just the phone!


Not exactly new but still the most recent recordings a friend and I have made a couple of months ago.


I’m not sure if any of you have actually listened to this, and I didn’t state it outright upon its release, but I designed the track to play the same both forward and in reverse. The only differences in playback are the fades at the beginning and end.


A little more work from the road while working. Recordings this time were done in San Diego.


… i listened


I wrote the music, shot, cut, directed…


My new album ‘From’ is out now via Seil Records and I’m super excited to share it with you:

Downloads are free (name your price) for the first two weeks and the limited tape edition can be pre-ordered. Shipping will start early December. I hope you enjoy it a lot. Feel free to share it with your friends and loved ones.


Thanks for the purchase, and for listening to it!


I made this with my Tonestar 8106. It is now in the Studio Electronics playlist on SC. It’s a dark pop song.


Final (?) version of a demo I posted recently.


Browsing this forum while listening to playbacks of the mix eventually led to me deciding on “Line, Line, Line, Line” as the title for the piece. Considering the whole track is based around the number 4 and a square (four lines) drawn on musical staff paper to determine note placement, it seemed totally appropriate and was an unexpectedly perfect choice for the final title.


Here is a little live jam to celebrate the album release.


purchased in many many characters


Excited for a first gig with a new band, named John Stoic, in Berlin the 8th of Dec, will have more details soon :tada:

Think I haven’t shared this released track here yet. Lots of plumbutter magic in this one :slight_smile:

Oh and pssssst here’s a unreleased one, only for lines. Searching for a label to release this and some more tracks on… :slight_smile: