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Thank you oh so much.


Here’s video from a recent performance of my group ‘Kessel Quartet’ which uses the music of guitarist Barney Kessel and runs it through a wide variety of modern improv arrangement techniques. This group is super new and we haven’t done a proper studio recording yet. It’s been fun digging up old Kessel tunes that have barely been heard, and putting them in a different context!


Run a little modular/hardware label.
Just started a run of singles, because full on compilation releases were killing me

But all the tracks will be free! Donate if you feel so inclined because any and all proceeds will be donated to charities (Planned Parenthood this time)

It’s called “decompression jitters” by my good friend Andy who’s also known as “JNN”

ALSO! if you’ve got a loose track laying around you’d like to release as part of this series get ahold of me! dropping them every / every other week.


New live recording up


Gruz - Xenotopia

Dark ambient, recorded live on modular system.

“xenotopia” - an uncanny or unsettling landscape; an ‘out-of-place place’ (Greek xeno-, strange/different; topos, place).


‘Don’ts’ is a dreamy live session to let your minds wander.


Hi. This is a collection of electronic pop songs I’ve recorded over the last year or so. Have a listen! Thanks.


Whew… finally got these tracks from our performance at Luggage Store Gallery back in March mixed:


Sorting through field recordings on my drive and stumbled on some live sets from 2013. This version of “Black Gloves” by Iron Curtain turned out pretty well so I figured I’d touch it up with a bit of EQ and a layer of backing vocals.


‘Wool’ is a cozy live jam to keep you warm during the cold days.


Decided to go back to my roots and composed a few melancholy piano songs …

also up on Spotify/iTunes/Google Play/…


Hello dears,
my 3songs album realized with monome grid driving my little modular system.

enjoy and thanks for listening to it.


Let something very personal out into the wild


pleasant mix, arrhythmic drums, noise placements, bubbling acid … nice to wake up to.


just friends is the swelling voice. ER-301 is providing some clicks and pops and acting like a drum machine, sequenced by Teletype. Elements kinda clangs along, feedback drifting in and out. My cat Henri is the cover kitty.


thanks, very kind of you ♪♫


Had the chance to take Instruō’s new Aithēr module and the Parat+ companion app for a spin, especially excited by the ability to record gestures and send them out as CV – could make for some really unique modulation. Also going to try out using my iPhone as a mixer, using the faders to control the level of each VCA channel.



This is an improvisation on part of a patch prepared for a performance next week.