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Inspired by some recent studies of The Sacrifice by Andrei Tarkovsky and Breaking the Waves by Lars Von Trier, I finally sat down with my synth and recorded this. Mangrove, ER-301, and Benjolin do the heavy lifting. Photo is a double exposure along the shoreline of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula last spring.


Absolutely love this. Thanks for sharing.


Hello there,

yesterday Anatol Locker & I released our first modular album on Modularfield, quite exciting for us!
So in case you want to have a listen here is the release link (out on tape & digital):

Maybe it’s interesting to know, that most of the sounds are from our modular synthesizers - we recorded our live improvisations and used the best parts for the release.
On every take we used a different approach, and we didn’t know exactly what the other one had prepared soundwise, often it all happened really spontaneous and out of the moment.

Hope you enjoy the sounds!

All the best,


This is really nice. Thanks for sharing.


Here are a few albums I released this year. My process has really shifted over the last few years to working in some new ways with some new gear and so far I am really loving this new direction. Hope you enjoy!

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You can find more stuff on my website if you’re interested:


late night jams last night … tempo synced looping on the organelle via teletype/walk + RE-150 and BAM action


This is a record David Paganin and I made (Shrugs of Eternity) over long distance between Melbourne AUS and Oregon US this last summer. We traded improvised tracks back and forth and although we have communicated through text at various times, we have never met in person or spoken with one another. The sounds that came from Oregon were Hordijk modular system sounds and the Australian sounds are layered and vary from synthesized, sympathetic sounds, Korg MS-10, improvised percussion using a metal dressmaker dummy frame struck by metal tools and sticks, some large metal pots, some thin branches, dried plant stalks, a wind-up torch, voice and feedback, marbles in a dish, a big tin-foil tray gong, a plastic cup, and striking a pillow with a thin stick, Most tracks were mixed by David to final output. We thought up a handful of titles for the release and then used a random data generator to roll the dice and pick a final title for the release and project name. Ultimately, they were both titles that David had picked! Vary kewl. The cover art is a merge of drawings David and I both did at different times. David and I turned it over to Cian Orbe netlabel for release on the Internet Archive the day of the last Solar eclipse here in Oregon.

It’s a very playful, joyous record and it’s free for download and redistribution I hope you dig it:

Shrugs of Eternity – Sew Room Dummies

P.S. the IA link was busted on lines / discourse, so I made it into a hyperlink instead


I too like this. Thanks for posting.


@Justmat @yoyosandshoes thank you all. bless!


i have a little cassette tape release in the making and this a teaser so to speak. basically the tape will feature a fieldrecording from outside the front of my flat plus a good old drone (which i normally refer to as “sonic landscape”) on the other side. and this track here is basically an alternative version i recorded during setting up the original piece……hope you enjoy.


Getting back to a style of music making and recording I did several years ago…


Bought this and love it. Congratulations on a beautiful, interesting and inspiring work


My studio computer died yesterday, but I released an album to celebrate the power of backups. Features hardware jams recorded then sampled/processed in Ableton live :slight_smile:


Hello all,

I am rather new here and of course would like to share some new music I have made.
Here is a rather techno track I have just completed which I will then juxtapose with some ambient/field recording work available here on bandcamp


A recent track, from an upcoming release:


Newest thing, following several failed and abandoned recordings. I tried something much different from the takes before it, and I like this recording much better. It’s needs a little bit more work and a definitive title, but otherwise, it’s close to being done.


Here’s a new track I put up on bandcamp. It’s a shorter ambient piece with a single guitar melody, layers from a modulated Mangrove and some great noise waves from a disting mk4.


Todays patch. Lots of ER-301 and Rings. Earthsea was the sequencer.

The field recording was done this morning at our bird feeder.


The first time anybody has remixed one of my tracks ! Super nice gesture … especially this time of year.

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