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day 7 of my participation in @rknLA’s 4500 project. just type as music box, rings feedback as :saxophone:.


reminded me Everything in it’s right place by Radiohead :slight_smile:


left this running for two hours, and then it occurred to me I might as well record it.


hey cool! is there a feed where i can listen along to?


this is fantastic. thank you for your dedication and the share!


Thanks, Dan! Might return to those failures later, but for now, focusing on this and #12 of 12 of this year’s series before 2018 arrives.


kid a and the king of limbs are 2 of my all time favorite albums, i’m not surprised whenever someone notices the influence in my music. thanks for listening :purple_heart:


Two tracks of improvised psychedelic electric guitar chaos. These were recorded for release two years ago for a cassette label in Northern California, but it fell through. :


i strated an instagram last night. uploading little videos with imovie is alot of fun. gonna try to make it a regular thing. this is a video of me making a track with some records. my new octatrack, sp303, a grid, count to five and samplr.


Yea, dig this @prms. Reminds me of the Paul Jebanasam from last year



Hey thanks @andrew! :smile: :pray: Keepin’ at it!


I love this!!!


‘Pergola’ is a transition into uncertainty.


Short solo improv on Sidrax tonight while feeling a bit out of sorts.


sweet sounds … impulse 20


Happy to hear! :slight_smile:


Blippoo sound check through an old 50’s hifi preamp, amplifier and bespoke speaker cab. It sounds really nice in person. I think I’ll have the hifi recapped / tubed, box it up nicely in a “head” configuration and use it for recording. Far better sounding than the old 50’s PA and Blue Jensen I use live sometimes. So glad I dug it out and tried it. Inspiring to find something like this that was basically junked back when my parents were still alive. They kept it around for the cabinetry, which is pretty classy (not entirely pictured).

W4-AM Manual
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some of this is going to end up in my ER301!


New track from my good friend Thomas Lee

Lots of miami, eurorack, late night sportscar grooves.