Latest tracks + videos



Freshy, minty track just uploaded:

Very rhythmic with a lot over interplay between different voices and polymeter.

Really trying to play modular like an instrument, with the help of Ansible and Kria (which is revealing many things to me as a musical interface over time).

I’m playing with the idea of my system being a type of electronic chamber orchestra.


‘Regrets’ is a live session about the things we have to deal with.



Friday’s Mid-Valley Mutations … almost missed playing live for 1.5 hours due to ?? (illness?) No one knows. Great show, and Lob, what a great guy doing a great festival (Norcal NoiseFest) . Sacramento lives. Austin Rich’s joint.



Improvised session with Music Easel, Elektron Analog Four MKII and Eurorack Lunchbox (Ears, Morphagene, Three Sisters, 4ms DLD)


‘Working Class’ is a live jam for all those busy people.


Something I made recently. I like it, maybe you will too. If not, that’s ok.


Free download, more to come


i did these in the last week

and testing one of the new er301 units

3 improvs


First experiment with Ableton Live (at 37! Well I suppose it’s never too late…)

I used a couple of samples from my own cd collection, an 808 kit and a little bit of Animoog from the iPad.


Clouds → BigSky


Check out my electro-acoustic band Grotto, here. We released our debut album last night it was amazing. It’s been in the works for four years. Samples, synths, modular, drums, guitar, balilika, contact mics and more. We are on spotify and most of the other services too.

–Grotto Goons


The latest iteration of my noise meanderings…


new music


A live show recently and a private basement improvisation collab…

electric guitar duo improvisations:

solo electric guitar set in Vancouver, BC:


little beast is difficult to tame


A patch I’ve been playing with today. Mostly Rings/ER-301/Ansible with a bit of Valhalla reverb in post.


lil snippet of today’s patch:


second night with Morphagene, absolutely loving it with the Mannequins modules.