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Water Memory :ocean:


Loving the album so much. Great, great work!


Breaking in my new Tetrapad with this jam. It’s in chord mode, obviously. Pressure and position are controlling all kinds of things in a subtle manner. I will try to find a bit more complex uses for it to switch cv settings on whole patches, but for a first try the chords where just too tempting :slight_smile:

The track has a snuggly holiday vibe going, I guess. Hope you enjoy it.


Most recent track inspired by reading the scifi novel The Stars My Destination; such an amazing novel!


Spectral melodies buried quietly in the drone. Using a few things, including 4ms SMR, Clouds, Rings, some NI Absynth… :sparkles:


my first album
pretty rough in some ways
but im proud of it nonetheless
please listen, and i hope you enjoy
if you have any thoughts or criticisms
please share


First video with the Elektron Digitakt. Only using factory samples while learning the machine, but it’s a lot of fun. Very intuitive in its most critical aspects.


It’s a new EP, from my project Toaster:

And an outtake from said EP:


I’m still new here and very new to modular, so I don’t feel ready to share my crappy patches just yet (though they are on YouTube, more as a personal modular diary kinda thing). But here’s a track i knocked out yesterday in about 4-5 hours for my main project:


Used all my patch cables in this one :sunglasses:


I make music under my own name (Joakim Hellgren). You can find me on Soundcloud or YouTube.

Here are some links;

I’ve recently started making music completely with my modular, accompanied by a sampler and a drum machine far away from a DAW. Basically record everything in one take to a tape machine. :slight_smile:


Tried something new - Not using the grid, rather sequencing with maths cycling waves and uscaleII


Improvisation for Rhodes and Grainfields.

(Nord Nefertiti Rhodes; a few chords loaded into Grainfields before hitting record; live, one take, yadda yadda.).


Lovely! :slight_smile:
Will I ever say no to Rhodes + some reverb? Probably not.


Hi llllllll! This is my first post ever :3 All made on the Eurorack & Maxmsp. All the renders are from c4d.
Happy to have found a really nice community <3

Let me know what you think!
Happy New Year!


Last recording of the year.

Edit: The full title is “Everything (for John Balance, Peter Christopherson, and Drew McDowall),” and the piece is inspired by their Time Machines release and is built around a time-stretched recording of myself uttering the phrase “Persistence Is All” from the Time Machines’ liner notes.


So I put together a year and a bit of recordings and made a record - more of a collection or sketchbook that coherent album, really:

Some of them have been posted here before; a few have not.

I also wrote about making a record - - because it’s been a bit of a journey. This place has been an important part of that.


First track using newly aquired 0-coast- with some volca sample grit.


Over the holidays I managed to record 2 patches. I made an effort to capture the visual aspects of a modular system as an object and the context I which these pieces were created. These are not staged but a reflection on where and how it was used. This is a first for me but rather obvious given that I enjoy these kind of audio visual compositions by others the most.

Happy new year!


Digital oscillators & fuzz, good friends at times.

Also a happy and productive 2018 to everyone! :smile: :tada: :balloon: