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‪’Winds’ is a live jam to start a new year to. :rocket:


heres a new melodic one i did today


Something short and sweet.


And nothing,
I did an acid techno thing with cassette tapes and Ableton:

I sampled various recordings on my tape deck and then I mangled these into Live,
There’s a little bit of Grendel Drone Commander, OP-1 and a couple of drum loops made with Patterning.
Also some great samples from Samples from Mars and a 303 alike incursion from Troublemaker iOS app.


First Eurorack thing of the year as a brief introduction.


last night - this:

enjoy listening;)


Playing around with Tides, Rings and semi-random notes


I love that there’s a bit around 1:44 that sounds like ‘Lose Yourself’ :wink:


Haha, didn’t notice that!


gorgeous! if you don’t mind my asking, what’s providing the delay here?


Just recorded this in one take! Using lots of eurorack, digitakt and some sounds from the OP-1. Feels nice to finally have my whole set up running together.


very groovy, how are you getting that windy sound?


It’s the Alright Devices Chronoblob with the Colour Palette / Woof VCF in the feedback loop. I wish I had two of these :slight_smile:



Ultra Random Analog Sample Outs A & B --> Three Sisters Low & All
Batumi Sine > Triatt --> Three Sisters Freq & Span
Three Sisters Low & Center --> Out


Here is an excerpt of a live performance at Doug Fir Lounge in Portland, Oregon. There isn’t any footage of the actual performance in this video but instead it is the last six minutes of the visuals that I made to accompany the performance along with the live recorded audio from the show. You might recognize some of the visuals from the ones in the video Chris Hahn shot of the show I did w/ @tehn + @kelli_cain last year. What can I say?.. I believe in recycling :slight_smile:

notes: in this performance I was using a Fender Jazzmaster, Teenage Engineering OP-1 and a 7u Intellijel case with the bulk of the audio being looped and processed using the Orthogonal Devices ER-301, Intellijel Rainmaker, and Whimsical Raps/Mannequins Three Sisters filter. All of that audio was being run through a 10 foot long mono 1/4" tape loop which is responsible for much of the delay/feedback you hear throughout the performance.


Here’s a short vid I made yesterday. It was a snow day here in Richmond, VA and I took the opportunity to dive into my newly acquired MI Rings!


inspiring stuff! i’m starting a very similar system now - started with the 0-coast and SQ-1 a while back, just built a case and got a couple modules for a second voice, hoping to make very similar noise soon. cheers!


thanks! yep that’s exactly how I started—0-Coast and SQ-1 and I still feel like I have so much to learn, but that is what’s so cool about modular/life.


One from the day before and an older one. Just got an Ibanez rock’n’play and had to try out that half speed mode! :smile:

(op-1, tape loops, elements, springs, mutant cp+bd, tubes)

(op-1, tempest, spring reverb, mf104)

EDIT: a bunch of modular was used as well of course, but don’t remember all of it. it was dark. :slight_smile:


My live set from here in Seattle last night, free improvised solo acoustic guitar, transistor radio, extended technique: