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I’ve posted a few tracks in this thread throughout the process of completing them, and will be posting all of them to my Bandcamp page on the 15th.

The Persistence Recordings


Here’s my noise project’s debut track:


Released a single last week! You can read about it / watch the video here:


First in my bandcamp series of live recordings:


One more from the G2 drone series :slight_smile: trying out layering a patch I was developing from a basic volume lfo idea, playing around with osc timbres and frequencies composition-wise. The inspiration came from a wilderness trip earlier that day, as is often the case :smile:


devilsclub //// MKUltramegaphone are going to be broadcast in Seattle WA on KEXP January 14th, 2018.
Our music will be on air from 12 midnight to 1am on Doug Haire’s Sonarchy radio show. Thank you to Doug for the opportunity to play. We both had an amazing time doing the show !

A live stream can be found here:


edit: Doug Haire is moving along to other things:


Some noisy dub techno ambient


pressed Stop. this remained. i recorded it.
0-coast → softpop → clouds → rings → iOS RP1 → BigSky


This is the first music I’ve ‘released’ since starting my modular system about six months ago. I was trying to make the sounds of what winter in England feels like.


I was included on a compilation to benefit Friends of Puerto Rico, an organisation still in the throes of hurricane relief. The compilation was released yesterday and can be heard/purchased here:

Lots of good music here, from tape loop specialist Tomonari Nozaki (aka UNKNOWNjp) and Olga Wojciechowska (aka Strië) to Oberman Knocks, Blamstrain, Roel Funcken and many others. I’m surprised and honoured to have been curated.

Proceeds go directly to the charity.


Amazing. Reminds me of Tim Hecker. Care to explain your process ?

Great job.


Hey Lei, thank you kindly for the words! Yeah guess it’s a bit older-albums Heckeresque stuff though much less refined for sure :smile:

The process is honestly a bit of a blur, just going where it takes me more or less. :smile: If would boil it down to a few elements they would be probably be “riffings”, imagining extra harmonies, trying to keep it in a compatible key, and mixing/composing. It’s done with not toomuch gear, G2 plus a few pedals, nothing special. Not sure I even used the OP1 at all. Could probably sell 70% of my gear and still be able to produce. It’s hard to focus on a composition if you have to think about which toys to use :slight_smile: maybe there’s something to learn in that haha! Hope this anwsers your question :slight_smile:


Badass violinist through aleph (gripper). Boy, this was fun!


I only just started posting my work. This is my first contribution to this thread:

First patch with the Winter Modular Eloquencer. This one is mostly just four channels simultaneously recorded from the modular. Minimal editing in Ableton. Patch notes:

Mangrove square and formant > Three Sisters > Optomix
Rings odd and even > Clouds L/R
Braids > Optomix > MMG > Morphagene > Blackhole DSP
Modulation from Just Friends, Maths, and Wogglebug.
Sequencing from Eloquencer.
Clocked by Zularic Repetitor, Tempi, and Wogglebug

Additional sounds come from field recordings and documentary samples.


hey ya’ll,

here are three new tracks, just finished.
each one diverse, different genres
(not sure i’ve found my ‘voice’ yet)
please have a listen.
if you feel inclined i would really appreciate any feedback, constructive hopefully.
i get attached to my creations and have a hard time discerning objectively.
i wonder if they are too long, or too same-samey without enough breaks and variation.
also unsure of technical aspects, mix, and composition.

my Sweetheart is not a good critic, but there are many great musicians here…

thanks, bunny


Posted something new. A bit of an anxious track


Live solo electric guitar free improvisation set recorded this week in Seattle at the LoFi Performance Gallery.


Touristen - I’ll meet you there


Emotionally, “what for dinner” is my most important decision in a day. As good choices bring essential daily happiness.

Technically, Just Type is the main sound source, a Mangrove to beef up low end. Two Sisters, one in crossover mode for tone shaping, another in format mode for intense effects, sometimes percussive.

I think the charm lies in the method of polyphony stacking to distortion (a thing to avoid in “normal” sense) for timber morphing. And occasionally jumping modulations to provide a feel of paragraphs.


Sunday Ambient