Latest tracks + videos



Got a few new videos up for everyone -

Creative uses for filters:

Looking at how I use an iPhone/iPad with my modular setup:

And a recent track - Undulations:

Hope you enjoy!


I loved the video on filter techniques. Will definitely be having a go.


Sonically a bit dense but musically pretty successful in exploring the quantiser- another exploration of the Intellijel uScaleII quantizing module. There is also some subtle (if a little annoying) Ieaskul F. Mobenthey madness in there too.


‘Worries’ is a live session to overcome the things that bother us.


“The Grey Sky That Precedes The Internal Void” is an ambient track I recorded today using primarily my VBrazil System / VB Modular eurorack modules.
Hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:


Here’s a quick play around I had earlier with the Viznutcracker app on Ornament & Crime for the 1st time today.


A patch from yesterday.

I just got a Plonk (yay!) and so this is lots of Plonk loops on the ER-301. There are also some one shot drum samples happening.


a patch from this morning…

mostly just little chords being generated by the Ornament + Crime “Acid Curds” triggering sine wave plucks on the ER-301 then being played through the 4ms Tapographic Delay


Beautiful Marcus, thank you for recording it. I see that you’ve got both a Rainmaker and a Tapographic Delay in your case. What are your thoughts on them individually/combined? I’m very interested in both and would really appreciate your impressions.


Heres 2 noisy ones


new label release


Here’s a new vid I just put up----Korg SQ 1 handling two slow melodic lines, and the Ornament and Crime’s mighty Quantermain Mode handling the bass.


another video…


Leaving some tunes :smiley:


Posted this in the Chicago thread in the Events category, but it also belongs in this thread. My latest recording is “LIVE 01142018” from my live debut at the Empty Bottle a few nights ago. It’s subscriber-exclusive, so I don’t think it’ll embed here.

Recording link

Subscription link


I’ve finally come to the point where I actually really enjoy listening to my own stuff. This is an example of one of those songs that I even had the brain with me to press record and capture the one shot process.


Drone structure for synthesizer and fuzz.


Latest live set, a solo free improvised electric guitar performance and collaboration with a Butoh dancer her in Seattle, Vanessa Skantze:


love this. ---- plus twenty


major key, minor toast