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reel to reel loop as tape echo.


So amazing. Beautiful work. .


I decided to build on the singular guitar part I started for the Disquiet Junto from last week:


thank you very much for kind words and for listening! it was a difficult collaborative process that took a long time to finally finish and come out!


I am pretty content with today’s.

Day 73: Gull and Steel


someone asked me about tt code, I’ll post it here:

IF > ABS - B IN 120: C 1
IF C: A - IN N 20
IF C: JF.NOTE A V 5; B IN; C 0

8: (keyboard gate in here)



Good god that was so good


sharing my jam from this afternoon.

featuring some pseudo strumming of just friends via teletype, with swelling mangrove lines and self-patched cold mac crackles


soothing! so comfortable, thank you for your music.


Enjoyed this a lot. Great work!


It sounds fantastic!



Nice! Looks like that was a fun shoot!


That wee drop at 0:50 will bring the walls down when you play it live. Wowsers.


Yesterday started with the new video, which led me to the JK performance, which led to the Pitchfork at Paris incredible set, which led me to re-watch for the 1000th time the npr tiny desk… You guys rock. Plain and simple.


My bandmate played this recently at a local drone/ambient festival.


Not really a whole track-video but anyway; here’s a trailer for a newly released film (premiered at Slamdance, Utah last weekend) I did music and sound design for.


Another random experiment with Rings. I wanted to create a very acoustic, upright bass sound, but with a bit of a wobbly tape-like feeling to it. Then I added a bit of Clouds and some field recs to the mix.


This is great @papernoise … even sounds like a bow rubbing against the strings. Nice work! How’d you achieve that rubbing sound?


Second episode of “kassettechno”,

For this one I made some tape loops with various material
(drones from Kinetik Laboratories devices, some noises from Erich Archer’s Andromeda Space Rockers etc.)

I recorded from the cassette deck into Ableton for further manipulation and I added some samples too.

So I made a sort of mastering into the Marantz CP-430, hitting into red with the meters and using the built in limiter.

Finally I re-recorded into Live with a little pitching down courtesy from the Marantz.