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@photofractal thanks! I used the hexinverter VCNO (the crackly ‘sizzle’ output) which gets slightly and slowly fm-modulated by an LFO and mixed with the mail excitation signal.


I had one of those nice moments after work today where a track came together really quickly. A simple piano line, with Clouds & Ornament & Crime doing much of the heavy lifting:


first test of the makenoise 0-coast today, paired with an earthquaker devices space spiral. eight layers of 0-coast, each with a different clock speed, envelope, and overtones.


x0xb0x, op1, tape loops

bit more “clubby” :smiley: lol


New song!


0 Coast Slope doing a lot of cool things.


Inspired by @Dan_Derks Sound + Process interview with @ioflow, I experimented with combining field recordings and modular for this track, “Baptism”. One of my favourites yet – hope you enjoy!


pressure points controlling er-301 + rings.


my first ever modular recording, recorded live last night! braids and dixie processed through cold mac for the drone, 0-coast modulated by maths and sequenced by sq-1 for the arp. i have a LOT to learn but patching for an hour and a half then recording a 5-minute track is the most satisfying feeling. i wish i had recorded the parts separately so i could cut out the flubbier arp parts in the middle, lesson learned.


Dusky wilderness, Time Machines -inspired venture into sparse oscillations.
Cross-modulating e340, STO, Loquelic iteritas. Rings, clouds & SEM filter.


My patch from this morning. 2x Mangroves into Streams then Rings, ER-301 did drums and effects.


Love the transition @Justmat!


Thanks! I appreciate the listen. :slight_smile:


beautiful stuff! love the mood.


First video on my new Youtube channel, more modular coming soon!


Love this track… also love the Hudson River.


New melodic ambient one using Ansible Kria and Grid

Testing the Omnimod with the er301 via grid and Earthsea. Not ambient and not melodic :slight_smile:


That Omnimod vid is 56 seconds of pure bliss! :heart_eyes:


New Case :))


tidalcycles + audiomulch