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Hey guys! Its a cold and snowy day here in NY so I thought I’d make a little drone/ambient modular video. If you like it please subscribe, I’ll be making more videos like this in the near future and it would mean a lot! Thanks for your time!

(I’m pretty new to video editing and using really basic stuff)


I just uploaded my very first modular/electronic track on soundcloud! The only exception is this years first Disquiet Junto, which was a nice way to start off. Would love some feedback! This is mostly based on a “live jam” with my setup. I sampled the zither and fed the samples through a Morphagene. The rhythmic element is STO modulated (freq) by the 0-coasts random voltage generator. I used the MMG as a LPG and triggered that with Maths. Then there’s some Rings into Clouds, and the arpeggio synth voices from the 0-coast.

I did some mixing and subtractive composition in post, and also improvised another synth voice and a “lead” zither thing near the end.


beautiful. I’d love to hear the original zither sample! very pleasant sound palate here, and the various parts all complement each other really nicely.


Experimenting with the DADA Machines Automat toolkit :slight_smile:


Thanks! I can look it up next time I’m at it! My plan is to find a really nice recording of it and contribute to the LCRP. I’ve been experimenting with alternative tunings with it. A super cool instrument.


New c40 cassette split of my project Uneasy Chairs and Barcelona’s Wire To The Dead released by Neologist Productions with lovely packaging, released today. My side is psychedelic, Krautrock-y electric guitar layers and WTTD’s side is wonderful, spooky, Stockhausen electronics and sound manipulations.


New free improvised guitar duo recordings released this week on my Bandcamp, Uneasy Chairs & Chris Gantt:


an ambient-type improvisation on the makenoise 0-coast, looped and run through a cooperfx outward pedal. the 0-coast is used to produce clicky impulses, long triangle tones, and percussive fm sounds. accompanied by a 30 second cassette tape loop of fender rhodes.


I just love Tidal and it’s quite amazing how much complexity you could get out with it, even if you’re a beginner like me.

No mixing or post processing


Man, I really need to get back to tinkering with Tidal. Not enough time in the day to explore everything :frowning:


This is my patch from today. The field recording was from outside my window, while I was working on the patch. There is a wash from Rings, and a more melodic part from Plonk. The ER-301 plays the field recording and a pitched up and delayed version of the melody. There is quite a bit of “drifting around” with the timing, but I thought it sounded ok :slight_smile:


Nice tune to wake up to!


Took an op1 track from Dissipation session, added harmonic sections to go along with the bass, ran it into the modular and improvised with different textures through Rings, Clouds, Shelves, Hot glue, Springray, using envelopes from A-119 into Maths and Galilean Moons.


thanks for listening!


A return to a theme that I explored in an earlier track. I had the music on my phone in shuffle mode the other day on my morning walk into work, as I wasn’t feeling particularly decisive in terms of listening preferences. Mid-way in, one of my tracks that I had put on there months ago to check the mix levels popped up.

I don’t make too much of a habit of listening to my own things after I’ve finished them if I can help it. I prefer to try to constantly move forward with what I make. However, the track in question had something going for it & it made me consciously think about how I had gone about making the patch in question.

This was my attempt at a Part 2 for a track where I had all but forgotten the Part 1 until re-hearing it.


some new ones. more to come when I get a chance to master them a bit.

sequenced with orca, mangroves are the voices, just friends providing envelopes and modulation, uclouds giving it some texture.


I’ve recently come into possession of a Morphagene. I cannot stop making music with it.


testing markeats clips


jazz with tidal


Eight minutes minimal ambient meditation.

“Gathering seeds and sowing new tones. Independent of my will. Something new.”