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Another new track :slight_smile:


latest tinkering. hopefully this loop is turning into a fully fledged song in the near future………


A little work in progress extract from the track “shaft”, It’s the modular parts for the middle section of the piece.

“shaft” is inspired by sounds collected over the years from my flat’s “cavaedium”, through open windows. This architectural structure had a very specific sound to it, with resonant frequencies very close to being a clean, E-flat. In the summer it would transport and amplify street sounds, music coming from the other flats, people talking, children playing and trains passing by in the nearby station.

Created mostly by layering different variations on one patch made using Rings, and a bass drone created using Tides and GradPa mixed via Warps.


Putting an old autoharp through some of the DIY effects I’ve been making


This was interesting to make and hopefully listen to


Another Kassettechno tune from me:

I prepared a couple of tape loops with material recorded from a jam with a Leploop some years ago (filtered by the Oto Biscuit right before the tape deck’s ins), then I recorded into Ableton.

I prepared another pair of loops with Blocs Wave app on my iPad and processed the results with the Biscuit, then I put the audio inside Live.

In Live I chopped/arranged the pieces into a track that I re-recorded onto the tape deck (in the red with the limiter on) for a primitive cassette compression.

Finally I played with a little pitching down from the marantz to the laptop.


Stunning! plus 20 characters.


I just got myself a Just Friends and this is my first attempt trying out the Plume patch. Lovely lovely module!


Rocking the major key:


Another Ambient ( quite rythmical after a little bit this one) Live Stream done :slight_smile:
Most of the sound material here is a sample of an old heatsink that I turned into a metal synth. Quite a bit going on in the subs so I recommend headphones or subwoofer :wink:


New live set up on my bc page:


New track, free, DL includes bonus multitracks of the 3 instruments - Pumbutter, Cocoquantus, and StuberDuber.


Hello everyone, I made a series of 8 different tracks during an artistic residence at EMS in Stockholm. All of them except one feature the Aleph with the sweet Bees v0.8 release, and mostly the Grains module. The idea was to create stories out of abstract material performed live in the studio, and bring them into musical pieces of diverse nature, and you are very welcome to check them here:

My setup looked more or less like this, with variations depending on the tracks:


Finally here is the list of tracks including the Aleph as a central instrument, so you don’t have to go through my whole Soundcloud. In the original order:

  • the screaming fraction of a grain (Grains module)
  • right below the surface (Grains module)
  • morse code to the dead (Grains module)
  • do NOT feed the machines (Grains module)
  • ice skating fat poem (Grains module)
  • do robots flirt? (Lines module)
  • midnight in the bee hive (Lines module)
  • four stranded tons (Grains module)
  • while she sleeps (Waves module)

Hope it inspires more people to share their performances related to this beautiful little machine. Thanks again @rick_monster for your hard work on this release!

Edit: I have added two tracks, so now there are 10. Both of the new ones feature the Aleph, including one with the Waves module.


Interesting, thanks for sharing. I always like to see other people’s setup.

What’s Particle?


Red Panda Particle. A granular delay pedal, quite chaotic really. I can send pictures of the whole if you are interested. It consists mostly of a pedalboard with the Aleph in its center, plus some extra elements around (mostly the 128, the Kurzweil reverb and the inputs: microphone, guitar and Macbeth Elements).


Still learning the ins & outs of the Digitakt but I thought I’d just record a little live jam. Samples from Mangrove and Rings. The video goes in and out of sync due to tape warble, but I hope you still enjoy it.


Finally back to soundcloud. Trying to finish some things enough to discard them.


I’m still addicted to morphing genes

This is based on a very brief sample of the ghost in the shell soundtrack, floating museum specifically. I’m finding the sort of sounds you can make ‘live’ with modular synthesisers are really astonishing.


Really nice. I feel like this is craving some drums.