Latest tracks + videos



all your uploads are beautiful tracks.


Having some fun with Rings through the mighty #1 Echo delay pedal from Electro-Harmonix.


I love the angle you choose to film this from. It’s like looking up through a forest of sounds.


here’s a link to my first full length album! All modular.


My drummer and I recently started a new Facebook Live series called Lunch Breaks where we improv jam with different gear and interact with viewers while we jam. We go live for about 45 minutes every Tuesday at 12pm PST. Here’s a clip from one of our jams on last weeks show.

If you’re into it at all you can catch the show on the Signature Sound Studios Facebook page. This is where we film the show. We pretty much always have our Organelle’s on the show (we’re completely in love with them) and we have a bunch of other gear we use depending on our mood that day.


Thank you so much :slight_smile:


this was stuff i did last week


these i did today


Another peaceful ambient session with the Digitakt, recorded straight to cassette. I’m absolutely loving this machine!


Short video of a track I made with the Digitakt and Organelle.


i’m brand new to modular, but i’ve been in and out of the monome world since the mk days. i’ve been getting into modular more as a means of meditation/exploration (relaxation, trying to slow down, etc…), but i still record some of what i do.


Always enjoy your songs and videos. I think these two Digitakt videos are my favorite thing I’ve heard from you! The panning on the high pitched sound in Keys is really cool and the swells are really awesome on Suns (gives me a Stars of The Lid vibe).


Thank you for the kind words. Something about the Digitakt really speaks to me. It feels a bit strange neglecting all my other gear but I’m very happy with the results I’m getting out of it. Super glad you feel the same. :pray:


exploring the earthquaker avalanche run pedal, with makenoise 0-coast as sound source.


An example of my work. Kind of basic but the aim is just to have fun with my synth :slight_smile:


In “Melancholic” are you controlling Just Friends through Teletype?


yes, these are scripts programmed by @ghost for Just Type


very cool! Should i be able to do that with my keyboard and the grid visualization on the tt? (Don’t have a grid :sweat_smile: )


yes you can do - try it :slight_smile:


As soon as my teletype arrives :wink: